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Tips To Painting A Tall Wall Above The Stairs Successfully

Many of use have struggled and know the pain of painting a wall that is above the stairway and is very tall.  In fact most of use would rather hire a professional that owns his or her own scaffolding to do the job.  However you might be surprised to know that If you have a ladder and a good plan you can do this painting job successfully without too much of an issue. Continue reading

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The Best And Simplest Way To Remove Wall To Wall Carpeting

There are many reasons why you wish to remove carpeting that is wall to wall.  It could be that you just purchased and moved into a new home and you do not like the carpeting that is currently in the home.  Or another example is that the current home you have had carpeting that is old and worn and simply needs to be replaced.  Whatever the reason is for removing the carpeting you will find that when it is wall to wall carpeting it is not an easy job to accomplish.  If you read below you will find a step-by-step process that will make removing the carpeting as simple as it can be.

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