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Mortgage Rates Are Still At Year Lows

mortgage ratesFor those of us who have the dream of owning our own homes but we keep wanting to wait until the mortgage rates are as low as they possibly can get now might be the perfect time for starting the house search and making your dreams come true. Whether it is your first home or a second or third home the rates will not stay low forever so now is the time to act. It is important that you contact your mortgage loan officer and a real estate agent quickly to take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates. Continue reading

difficult to buy a home

Difficult To Purchase A Home For Middle Class

difficult to buy a homeIf you are interested in purchasing a home this year and you are a middle class citizen you might find yourself having a difficult time getting into the home that you are trying to purchase. Do not worry that it is only you because you will find that it is not. Being able to afford a home with the economy in the shape that it is in is becoming almost impossible. If you are a house hunter that is looking at a more expensive home you might find yourself reaching for the stars with no possibility of obtaining that dream. Continue reading