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Should I Sell Or Rent When Relocating

In today’s real estate market there are many challenges that you need to overcome.  This also holds true when you are looking to relocate out of state.  Many people have questions about what to do with their current home when they relocate.  This is especially true when the house they currently have is paid for and they are in no hurry to sell.  There are many different things to figure out before making the plunge into the real estate market. Continue reading

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The Top Ten Places For Landlords To Be Successful

sale places for landlordsIf you are a landlord or if you are inspiring to be a landlord you might be interested in knowing where the most profitable places in the country are to own properties. The reality of the fact is that as a landlord you options are endless but as a renter you will find that no matter where you are in the country the cost of rent is through the roof and getting more expensive everyday. However if you are a landlord you might find that owning a home and renting it out is a great way to make some extra money while at the same time building equity in the homes. Continue reading