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property management tips

Marketing And Financial Functions Of Property Management

property management tipsWhen speaking of a property management company you will find that they are responsible for many different things on a day-to-day basis.  Everything that they are responsible for will be in consultation with the owner of the property. The property management company does not have the authority to make decisions or act on an issue without the permission of the owner. Continue reading

retirement assest

Is Using Rental Property As A Retirement Asset A Smart Idea

retirement assestSome people believe that if you purchase a piece of property with the intent to rent that property that you have found a pot of gold.  You can find a renter, collect the income and pay off the mortgage all at the same time and that is a good thing.  However with the good comes the bad.  This article will lie out some of the risks and benefits of using rental property to fund your retirement. Continue reading