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Privacy Policy Of PropertySnake

Like all other websites and blogs, we provide you with the option of registering with us and become a valued member of our website. As you become a registered member of, your privacy policy becomes our responsibility. However, you also need to be responsible enough to safeguard your personal information.

As you become a part of, we will collect some personally identifiable information from you. Such information will include details like:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number

As we collect this information from you, we will like to assure you that we will always take the needed steps to safeguard this information and do not share it with any third party. Normally, you will be liable for sharing this information in the registration form of the website. However, the requirement for personally identifiable information might change over the time. But the safety measures will remain tight. So, you do not have to worry about sharing the information.

With the personal information that you provide us, we will get the opportunity to provide you with newsletters, brochures, mass mailers, etc. on a regular basis which will update you about the real estate and property investment market. Most of this will be provided to you on your e-mail. In order to safeguard you from scams, we will send you the e-mails with web beacons which will assure you and confirm the fact that you are receiving the e-mail from us. However, you will always have the option of unsubscribing these e-mails.

We, at Propertysnake, also use certain technologies to collect additional information from our members. This information is not personally identifiable information. We collect this information through the usage of cookies. The main aim of collecting this information is to find out how users reach our website. Apart from this, it also helps us to track the general usage pattern of any user on our website. As we collect and analyze this information, it helps us to determine how we can improve the functionality and user experience of this website. However, if you do not wish to provide us with this information, you can change your computer setting and disallow the cookies.

We never force anyone to register with our website. Thus, as you register with us, you actually provide all the personally identifiable information voluntarily. We, on our part, do not share this information with any third party organization. However, there is some aggregate information that we share with our member partners for the purpose of research and analysis. The privacy policy makes sure that this information will be in safe hands and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

There are various third-party website links mentioned on our website. You can click on them at your own discretion. The information that you share with them is not our liability. We are not responsible for maintaining the security of that information. So, before you share any information with them, read through their privacy policy.

In case of legal emergency, we do share information with the legal authorities. This sharing of information is mainly to protect you and us from anyone who is trying to cause injury to you, us or others.

As we understand the importance of secured data, we would also like to inform you that any data that has been transmitted through online cannot be 100% secure always. However, in order to safeguard all your information, we take all the necessary steps. As a part of data security, we implement data encryption technology and firewalls. You, on your part, should not share your user information and password for this website with anyone else.

Your privacy is our responsibility. But you should also be responsible on your part to make things safe for yourself!