Picture hanging systems are an essential part of interior design as they provide a means to display pictures, paintings, prints, and other types of wall art. 

As such, they are an essential part of designing and remodeling your home in 2022.

Although there are many different types out there, T-shaped picture hanging systems are the most common system used. 

You can choose from all sorts of different T-shaped picture hanging systems, including those with different styles and additional fittings for use in a variety of situations and environments.

I’ll go through some ideas on how you can use picture-hanging systems effectively and safely to get the best out of them for your home.

Use a level

Besides the actual hooks and wire, your first step in using a picture hanging system should be getting a level and making sure it’s on perfectly straight from wall to wall. 

A slight tilt can throw your pictures off, so if you don’t have a level, purchase one (they’re very cheap).

Mark your spots

Next, determine where you want your pictures to go. You might have decided where they’ll go before you buy the picture hanging system, but if not, now’s the time to mark spots for them. 

You can do this with tape or by using a pencil.

Decide how many hooks to use per picture

After you’ve determined how many hooks you’ll need for each picture, hang them up! 

Be careful not to pull too hard on the wire of the picture hanging system when putting up your pictures, or they may fall out of place once they are hung. 

Be sure to let each hook go gently back into place before moving on.

Experiment and observe

From a distance, a picture hanging system can look very simple. It’s when you get close up that you realize there is more to it than what meets the eye. 

But the closer you get, the more obvious it becomes that there is a lot you may fail to know. How do you work out what will happen when five pictures are hung in line? Or three? Or six? 

There are only two things to do: experiment and observe.

Treat picture hanging systems as an experiment and see what happens when you try different arrangements. 

Of course, this is risky, but it’s not as risky as guessing, which is what most of us do. Try again when something goes wrong and your picture falls off the wall. 

You’ll learn something from every attempt—even if it’s just how to avoid doing that again.

Bottom Line

A picture hanging system is one of the prominent ways to frame and decorate your walls. Before concluding which system best suits your needs, it’s essential to understand all your options. 

If you decide framing is suitable for you and have a big job planned, it’s wise to go all out and hire a professional who will use the best methods and resources available. 

Keep in mind that you might end up spending more than you need to as a novice and could potentially damage the painting. 

For example, using glue dots instead of nails can cause damage to delicate paintings in the long run. As a result, always consider hiring a professional if at all possible.


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