A bad realtor can make you buy a bad house at a high price or leave your house sitting on the market without closing any deal. When hiring a realtor, it is not easy to know if they might be bad at their job. Some might even pretend to be good only to show their true colors after you hire them.

To ensure that your home selling process or buying experience is good, you need a good realtor Rancho Palos Verdes. While working with a realtor, you should be on the look for signs they are good at their job or not. Here are five signs of a bad realtor in Rancho Palos Verdes.

1. Failure To Communicate

Communication is key in the real estate market, and your realtor should have open means of communication with you. If your realtor fails to pick up your calls and they only return them after several days, that is a sign you are dealing with a bad realtor.

2. Unfamiliar with the Real Estate Market

If your realtor is not up to date with the local real estate market, it’s a sign you need to change your realtor. A bad realtor Rancho Palos Verdes has less experience in the local real estate market, hence might not know the new laws or regulations governing the industry.

3. Pressuring You

A bad realtor will push you to accept bad deals as long as they get paid for their services. A pushy realtor only cares about their commission hence will put a lot of pressure on you to accept a low offer if you sell a house.

A good realtor should let you make decisions at your own pace; if you feel pressured, you should consider hiring a different realtor.

4. Poor Negotiator

When you hire a realtor, you expect them to help you negotiate the home’s purchase price. If you sell it, they need to help you get a high amount; if you buy it, they should help you get the lowest amount possible. A bad realtor Rancho Palos Verdes will do nothing to help you buy or sell a home at a good price.

5. Unethical or Unprofessional

Realtors must conduct themselves ethically and professionally when offering their services to clients. If your realtor Rancho Palos Verdes is willing to break some rules or is already breaking them, that is a sign they are bad. As soon as your realtor starts to act unethically or unprofessionally, you should fire them immediately.

Final Thoughts

You should always be on the lookout for red flags when you hire a realtor. Always check on the progress to ensure your realtor is doing the right thing.


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