Creating a lavish landscape for the house is quite expensive. Not everyone can afford costly materials or fancy yard and garden accessories. Moreover, hiring professional landscape designers isn’t always economical.

The process of landscaping is indeed pricey for mansions and large homes. But if you have a normal home and want to create landscape design on a small budget, here’s the guide for you. Today we’re going to tell you some DIY cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas that’ll change the visual features you presently have.

1. Brick Edging

A properly organized border of bricks can perfectly depict the boundary between the grass or flower bed and the garden. Edging not only enhances the flower bed look but also keeps other rambling plants away from the flowers.

You can make easy and affordable edging with some pavers or stone bricks. The bricks come in similar shapes, so it’s not difficult to create the edge. 

You need a hammer or flathead shovel and a wooden piece to lay the bricks rigidly into the ground.

2. Chandelier Planter

If you have an old chandelier at home, you can turn it into a planter. It’s a great DIY landscaping idea where you replace the bulb holders with some little terra cotta pots and paint them. Then add soil and plant some flowers into it.

3. Bird Feeder Chandelier

It’s another nice makeover of your old vintage chandelier. With it, you can recreate the front yard and attract many birds to your garden.

Simply replace the bulbs, attach some feeder jars, paint them and hang them.

4. Address Number Post Planter

You can redecorate the front yard with an amazing decoration that’ll modify it in a nature-influenced way. Put a wooden address number post that’ll have a hanging basket with flowers in it. You can also change the flowering plant according to the seasons. This will greet your guests with colorful blossoms and a refreshing smell.

5. DIY Cedar Cube Solar Landscape Light

Regardless of your backyard or front yard size, proper lighting can make it instantly beautiful at night. Not to mention, it provides a fancy decor effect.

Solar landscape lights are inexpensive but it has two major disadvantages, clouded solar panels and broken ground spikes. So it’s better to make a DOY cedar cube landscape light. You can easily create customized cedar cubes to fit the solar lights into them.

6. Bird Bath

A bird bath is the next decorative addition to the lawn to create an impressive look. You can get a stone, metal, marble or mosaic bird bath with paintings on it. But make sure the water is always clean and the item stays algae-free.

7. Decorative Garden Hose Holder

A tangled garden hose is a big annoyance. With some minimum supplies from the local store, you can make a cost-effective garden hose holder. 

For example, you can make a hose holder for under $15. All you need is some wooden pieces, paints, glue, etc.

8. DIY Paver Walkway

The walkway redecorating idea can be great to change your old front yard lane. It’ll create a new look in the garden.

To make a new walkway or modify the old one, you need to put in a concrete layer. After it gets dried, you can begin the edging to finish the look.

9. Spray Paint on Concrete

If there’s a concrete floor on the front door and if it’s discolored, then it’s time to give it a makeover. With some spray paint on concrete, you can change the entire look.

You can use two or more colors to make it more charming.

10. Cheap Pergola Design

Pergola can be a nice addition to your garden. It’s a sitting area in the backyard for some privacy. You don’t even need a large space for it. In fact, you can make a compact design in a small area.

To make it convenient, attach the pergola’s roof to the sidewall and cover it with a perspex sheet or transparent sheet. It’ll protect you from rain and also allow you to enjoy the night sky while sitting under it.

11. DIY Downspout Path

This is a very interesting landscaping idea. You can place river stones in such a way that it looks like water flow coming out from the downspout.

It’ll look more magnificent if you use bright-  or colorful stones. Such stones also help in absorbing excess water or rainwater and keep the plants safe from drowning.

12. DIY Cheap Trellis

Climbing plants on the wall look fascinating. But do you know they can be used for other purposes? Like hiding the defects on the wall. So, rather than painting the wall, make a DIY trellis to cover any defect.

To make sure rapid growth and healthy vines, trellis are important. You can get tutorials on the internet to make the DIY trellis, which comes pocket-friendly.

13. Front Porch Planter

Welcome your guests with a fresh scent of flowers on the front porch. If you like this kind of impression, create a handmade box planter. That’ll need only wooden materials to cost less than $8 and some hours to complete the project.

14. Craftsman Exterior Shutters

Make your landscape as well as your house more appealing with exterior shutters. The classic look of the craftsman style is still popular and you can make it like that by yourself.

You need to cut wooden boards in proper sizes (depending on the shutter size you want), route the boards, build shutter frames, fix planks to the back of the shutters, paint them and finally attach them.

It takes time, but once you complete the DIY shutter, it’ll change the look of your house.

15. Polka Dotted Planters

The quickest way to make your landscape attractive is by placing polka-dotted planters with seasonal flowers. You can arrange them in whatever alignment and experiment with their outer look.

You can take terra cotta pots for it. Do spray paints or apply acrylic to seal the clay surface and make the pots creative.

Polka-dotted planters can easily transform the plain ambiance into a cheerful one. Use different sizes of pots to make the alignment more appealing.

16. Round Flower Bed

You don’t need to be a landscape expert to make your backyard elegant and beautiful. The main key is the garden beds and maintaining them regularly.

The round flower bed in the garden is a great idea to decorate your landscape. Add two different types of shrubs around it and combine them with a bright-colored flower plant in the middle.

17. Topsy Turvy Flower Pots

If you need something out of the box in the landscape, add a stack of flower pots. Especially if you own a small garden, this kind of pot arrangement creates a nice look. It’s also helpful to grow plants. 

18. X-Leg Bench

Add an x-leg bench to the front yard as a sitting arrangement. It gives a farmhouse-type contemporary look. You can make it for under $40.

19. White Picket Fence

Instead of fancy decor, go traditional with a white picket fence. It’s one of the extremely budget-friendly landscape ideas that cost around $300 for a small front yard. You can plant some rose plants to complement the white fence and that’ll give a cheerful appearance.

20. Rain Chain

Rain chains are a great alternative to the downspout. It’s another cheap and simple DIY landscaping idea you can try.  The primary purpose of rain chains is to decorate, but they also help transport rainwater from the gutter to the drain.

These are the best 20 cheap front yard landscaping ideas for you. Depending on the budget, you can try them out. With a little time and effort, you can change the appearance of your front yard.


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