For avid gamers, having a dedicated gaming room is necessary to enjoy playing. Whether it’s arcade games like Mario Bros., action games like Start Wars or racing games, a separate space is excellent for entertaining yourself.

Video games are a great time pass, but setting up a gaming room can be costly. Especially, when you intend to play the latest games, you may need a lot of additional resources.

Basically, your game station needs to maintain a balance between comfort and functionality. For example, you can use the computer in the gaming room to play games with friends as well as for office work.

If you’re confused about how to set up your game space, here we’ve mentioned some cool and best gaming room ideas.

20 Best Gaming Room Decorating Ideas

1. Light Panels

Lights play an essential role in the gaming experience. If you have a small game station, add a huge light bar above your monitor to make the room look big. You can use light colors in the room to generate a cool ambiance. Or, adding ambient light will also enhance the gamer’s mood.

2. Themed Decoration and Furniture

Theme-based decoration with a perfect gaming setup creates an exclusive and neat design. Some fun but comfortable furniture, dual monitors, themed tables like Nintendo Retro or Star Wars, high-end home theater speakers and an advanced PC can complete the setup.

3. Cubicle Type Game Room

Size matters while planning a gaming room setup. If you have a small cubicle game room, simply put two reclining chairs in front of the screen. Attach the sound system to the wall on both sides of the computer. Also, place the games close to the chairs so that you can reach them at any time.

4. Gaming Home Office

Since due to the pandemic, most people did work from home, it’s the best idea to transform the home office into a cool gaming station. You can do work as well as enjoy gaming while taking a break. Simply, divide the area with a screen divider or place a laptop for office work and a big monitor to play.

5. Bedroom Gaming Room

If you have a roommate, then you can easily turn it into a gaming room. Use a desk to place the monitor and ambient lighting around it and the bed will create a marvelous ambiance. Even, the TV can be mounted on the wall along with an extended arm. So, it becomes easier to move it and you can watch games from the bed also.

6. Attic Game Station

When there’s lack of space, you can design a fun game room in your attic. This is also ideal for hosting your friends at the weekend. Mount the TV on the wall, put the speakers on the floor and instead of heavy furniture, simple use floor cushions or bean bags to sit.

7. Living Room Game Station

Set up the game station in the living room if you’ve a large space. You can mount a smart TV and other additional gaming devices on the wall. Then to complete the set up, place a comfortable sofa. 

8. Futuristic Gaming Station

This is one of the awesome video game room ideas. The entire game station is illuminated with colorful lighting from top to bottom. Or, you can also choose white color lighting under the computer and blue for the gaming gadgets to produce a futuristic light decoration. Then, attach an extremely comfortable gaming chair where you can spend the entire day. The collaboration of massive screens and speakers make this room perfect for game addicts.

9. Small Lighting Gaming Room

It sometimes becomes difficult to install background lighting in a small space. Otherwise, lights from the computer will hurt your eyes. If you set up a small gaming room, you can use spotlights and attach them to the ceiling. The dark color of the gaming systems and furniture can generate pleasant lighting.

10. Kid Gaming Room

Color is the key while creating a game room for kids. Paint the walls with bright colors or install bright lighting all over the room. Additionally, place colorful rainbow rugs on the floor to make the room more interesting for them.

11. Retro Gaming Room

For game console collectors, a retro gaming room idea is the best option. The main aim is to design the room with gaming consoles. You can hook up the consoles on the wall on both sides of the PC/smart TV. Add your favorite game posters on the wall or place e Star Wars figure to finish the setup.

12. light-Colored Flooring

In a small room, adding light-colored flooring is one of the cool gaming room ideas. It not only gives an impression of a larger area but also creates a wonderful visual. Complete the design with large monitors and dark color gaming devices surrounding the seating area.

13. Small Video Game Corner

Sometimes you only need a few things to make it a great gaming room. For example, a big monitor, some gaming accessories and a comfortable chair are enough to set up the room. To add some perks, use glow-in-the-dark ceiling lights.

14. Colorful Gaming Accessories

Adding coloring accessories and ambient lights is a cool gaming room idea. Pick up a neon-colored keyboard, coloring storage boxes, dark-colored speaker boxes and a fantastic wall art behind the screen. You can also add LED light strips around the table to create a colorful room.

15. Arcade Style Game Room

A large living room can be turned into an awesome video game room by adding a desk, a comfortable chair and two gaming spots. The desk works as a game console as well as the home office. If you’re fond of racing games, add a racing chair with four screens to feel the ultimate gaming vibe. 

16. Playful Decoration with Basic Setup

A smart way to upgrade the basic setup is through some playful decoration. It’s a unique video game room idea where you add action figures and use ambient lights to elevate the look. Also, stick some action games posters on the wall to add more playfulness.

17. Tetris Blocks

Having some colorful blocks on the wall is one of the epic video game room decoration ideas. You can purchase colorful tiles in different shapes, adhere them to the wall and the room will look like a Tetris game. It’s a simple and cheap way to create a colorful and fun gaming room.

18. Rustic Game Room

If you want an old-school vibe, try adding a Foosball table or arcade machine in the game room. Besides, you need to work out on the retro decoration like adding vintage lighting fixtures or a bar sign. It can be an awesome arcade game room idea.

19. Industrial Decoration with Accent Ceiling

The accent wall is typically common so you can try an accent ceiling in the game room. You can use wallpapers on the ceiling or add dark colors on it. If you’re creative, then customize the design with materials you can find in the house.

20. Modest Modern Game Room

A modest modern video game room is one of the fascinating gaming room ideas. It doesn’t need too much accessories or devices. All you need is a large smart TV and two reclining chairs on the floor. Also, mount a pair of speakers on the wall and you’re good to go.

These are the 20 cool video gaming room ideas for you to try. You can also add your own customization and creativity for more fun. So, now turn your ordinary room into a fantastic game room.


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