foreclosureFinancially speaking the times are tough and have not been looking up for quite a while now for most of the people. Now, if in such a situation one is burdened with the worry of finding a house to live in just because their prior house has been foreclosed then we can just imagine how problematic and stress is inducing it can become. Once you have tried all that you could to prevent or even delay the foreclosure without any success you find yourself wondering what you will do when the house is ceased and repossessed, the biggest worry stands in the form of the place you will have to find to lodge next. Not to mention the added stress will come from how will you arrange the rent, provide for the cost of moving your things from one place to another and make an initial deposit. Silver lining in such a dark situation is that the government and some other organizations provide help to the owners of houses to be upright again.

Where to Find the Needed Assistance

Some of you may have heard about the Home Affordable Foreclosure, it is one of the best ways to strengthen your ground in a tough situation like this. As per this plan for the sole purpose of relocating someone, the government offers an amount up to three thousand dollars. As like for everything else, this program too has criteria that you will have to fulfill in order to qualify for it. First thing you have to be eligible for a Home Affordable Modification Program while being not able to make the Modified Mortgage Payment. For those owners who have not made a payment or two or who could not complete the trial period, they can also apply and qualify. There are a couple of conditions more like the house that is being repossessed has to be your primary residing option and the mortgage for it in all totality has to exceed 31% of the income you have. Additionally the lender for your mortgage has to give the approval to you for selling a house or relinquishing your rights as the owner.

There are states that focus on these problems and run programs that provide help to such people. For instance in California Keep Your Home California offers as high as $5000 to every homeowner under the Transition Assistance Program. More or less similar is the Federal Housing Association that supports those San Diego owners with cash that leave the house in a suitable condition. There are several other programs operating in various cities like Minnesota, all you have to do get into contact with the Housing Agency of your state.

Next we come on the United Way, which is a Non-Profit organization, this organization provides assistance to homeowners who are stuck in various situations and are in need of varied services. These services may include lodging, food, clothing and financial grants to help people cover the expenses of household utilities. So in case you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance for making a deposit or in want of cash for household utilities this organization can help you. The service is done at a very large scale; in up to 46 states owners can call 2-1-1 for reaching the local extension of this organization. This organization can even help you in terms of referring you to other organizations that can help you with a certain problem.

You can even consider the Salvation Army for providing you aid. This organization along with financial help even goes as far as to get the homeowners suitable jobs so that they can sustain their financial stability.


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