Depending on your strategy, wholesaling real estate properties can either earn you a 5-digit profit in a single sale or cost you six digits on capital investments alone. Hence, becoming a real estate wholesaler can be ideal for investors who do not have too much capital to work with, but possess attributes such as sweat and perseverance. Besides, if you succeed in creating a system that will enable you to sell properties faster, it will significantly come in handy. Helping you meet the desired results in no time. Thus, it is mandatory to understand wholesaling real estate contracts.

The Following Are Some Wholesale Real Estate Tips For Success

Conduct an In-Depth Market Analysis

It is key for investors to have learned about various important segments of the markets they intend to venture into, by the end of the first month. To achieve this, however, it will be required of aspiring wholesalers first to identify the said markets in advance. Nonetheless, your intended market as a wholesaler may not have been easy as initially thought. Your first job as a wholesaler is to identify at least three neighbourhoods, ideal for your kind of venture. It is also worth noting that you should also consider your intended targets as well. Also, find out for yourself which neighbourhood offers the most conducive environment for your business.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Do not be afraid to practice your wholesale negotiation skills in your office. You can do this either by yourself or with your team. Start by writing an outline of the things that you would want to do or say. It is also important for you to keep visualizing your pitch, for you to have an idea of what to expect in your line of business. This will help you every step of the way, in building your confidence levels faster than you originally thought. Here Money Crashers comes with some of the best negotiation skills ever.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

One most common reason as to why people venture into wholesaling real estate industry is that they have become tired of their morning to evening, eight-hour shift. You cannot be successful in real estate wholesaling if you are the kind of character who sets foot in the office at noon daily. For you to become successful, it is important for you to create a daily schedule, where you can be able to do everything that is required of a wholesaler. You could start by disciplining yourself to be waking up early by 7 am daily. This will enable you to gather data in real time. You should also set time when to leave the office. Here Jennifer Cohen a writer of Forbes has described some proven methods of how to master self-discipline.

Don’t Fear Rejection

A common mistake often committed by wholesaling real estate business owners, is feeling inadequate, thus, ending up not making enough offers, which may result in a sale. This may come because of the feeling that their lead client will not end up buying the property on sale. You should also not fear rejection. This is because, as a real estate wholesaler, your success greatly relies on the number of offers you make. It is then important that you make as many offers as possible!

Contrary to real estate properties, accumulation of leads will cost you almost nothing. There is absolutely nothing for you to lose. It might set you back a few dollars in registering on some platforms, but on the other hand, making an offer on such platforms is free of charge. It is prudent that you take maximize of such an opportunity by sending as many offers as you can. These 7 tools described by Max Maxwell will definitely help you to reach your target.

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Build Your Real Estate Network

You can easily achieve by steadily building your network through interactions with other investors, agents, or even wholesalers. In this segment, the investor who knows the most relevant people has the highest chance of making the most sales. Keep on networking with other like-minded investors. You will never know when the next client will walk in.

Spend As Little Money As You Can

For you to realize success in your wholesaling real estate venture, will greatly depend on the amount of capital injected in the business. Apart from this, the investor should be frugal in terms of expenditure. The main aim of your goal is to come up with a contingency plan with the seller, to find a buyer before the contract closes.

Check Both On-Market And Off-Market Properties

As an investor, you should check on the various off-market properties as well. This is because many off-market properties can be sold at much higher prices with the right renovation. You must find ways to renovating the property even without ever actually owning one.

How To Find Good Market Deals

Use your most trusted and reliable network to look for potential business opportunities. You never know when the next big sale will happen. Let’s go through some offline methods to find wholesale real estate deals.


Many inexperienced real estate wholesalers, who decide to jump into the world of wholesaling real estate business, often throw in the towel simply because they do not see the profit they first envisioned. Do not just give up, simply because a transaction fell through. The key to making it in any business venture is to persevere. Success depends on the right approach. You should always find ways to manoeuvring the pros and cons of such ventures.

Establishing Rapport

As an investor in this sector, you should look for ways to create a rapport with like-minded business colleagues. This brings about a conducive business environment for sales.

Real Estate Wholesale Groups & Real Estate Investment Groups

Real estate wholesale and real estate investment groups usually provide a great platform for upcoming and existing real estate investors to mingle and compare notes about this kind of investment.

Real Estate Sites For Wholesalers

Real estate sites are a great forum for the right kinds of properties to look out for. Go for this youtube result.

Hire A Property Finder

It is very common and affordable nowadays to use an assistant as a property finder to look for distressed properties. Using the assistant as a property finder will be instrumental in locating properties that you can wholesale. They are effective in scouring neighbours, cold calling or going from door to door to secure better deals. It is not advisable to pay such an assistant on an hourly basis or upfront as a normal employee; it is better to pay them after they locate a property you are purchasing and it has been settled. Such assistants, who act as property finders, are referred to as bird dogs in the real estate industry. The name is derived from dogs that hunt for birds, which is synonymous with assistants hunting for property deals. 

Put Your Bottom Line Up Front

Many wholesalers who are greedy or dumb set their profit margins too high, by assuming that their back-end buyers will negotiate or bargain.

This is why it is prudent to stand out as a wholesaler by offering your bottom line up front. This will ensure that you close the wholesale deal within the stipulated deadline, by avoiding the assumption that people will always negotiate your price.

However many people will bypass overpriced wholesale property because they will fear to negotiate and assume that you are either not negotiable or greedy.  The key factor to wholesale deals is the speed of disposal; that is why it is prudent to quote your wholesale price upfront by offering your bottom line without negotiating.

Don’t Sweat The Non-Refundable Security Deposit 

Many people are discouraged by the standard requirement of paying a non-refundable security deposit. Since most wholesalers are limited within a stipulated period to dispose of the property, the non-refundable deposit is crucial in mitigating the risk of bails from buyers. Assuming that you have done thorough research and evaluated the property you are interested in before you buy it, then the non-refundable deposit should not be a big deal. Check out the tips what mistakes not to make as a real estate wholesaler.

Realize Not All Deals Will Fit Your Model 

It is a norm for wholesalers to quote the absolute top of the market prices for their deals. There are times they will have room to negotiate, while other deals are under tight margins. However, as a buyer, you cannot deduce which scenario your potential vendor is under. Some seller might become salty if you give them an analytical proof that their deal is below the quoted price. This is because they might be aware of such facts or prefer a different buyer. It is not prudent to ruin a business relationship for a single deal. You should instead avoid deals you feel are not worth your investment. You should inquire if there is room for negotiation or offer your ballpark and if you cannot settle on an agreement, then it is fine. There cases where sellers may take you off their list because of your in-depth analysis, which may be detrimental for your future business deals. 

Estimate Repair Costs

You will incur costs for repairs of a distressed property. This is why it is important to engage a contractor to estimate the required repair costs for the property, before engaging any buyer. This contractor’s estimates will be more instrumental when you get a buyer. It will assist the buyer in how much expenses he/she will incur for the property. This will ensure that the deal profits both you and the buyer in the end, by leaving some margin for the buyer. 

Build A Big Buyer’s List

Getting the first deal is a major concern for newbie wholesalers. The first step is to have a cash buyer in mind because it will be impotent to have superb deals without having the end of the deal in mind (cash buyer) for a wholesale business deal. Therefore, it will be prudent to create your list of cash buyers before landing on any deal. This will be instrumental in the quick disposal of the properties and making profits. 

Learn The Legal Rules

The rules governing the profitable real estate wholesale industry differ from one state to another. You should adhere to the state laws that you are operating in.  This can easily be accomplished by hiring a great real estate attorney.

It will also be important to get a great title company. The title company will be instrumental in closing the wholesale deals in tandem with the state laws because it is impossible to do a closing as an individual in some states. The real estate attorney will find it easier to integrate into a good title company, which will be a win-win situation. 

Get Your Logistics In Order 

It is prudent to view real estate wholesaling as a business to make it profitable. You may succeed in real estate wholesaling as a hobby, but the benefits grow exponentially when you spend more time on it. If you are to make any career breakthrough from real estate wholesaling, then it is paramount to treat it like a business. 

Nowadays real estate wholesaling business has created its complement of logistics like any other business. It will not be prudent to run a business without setting proper logistics in place. You will need to create a platform for potential customers to contact you. This is why it is important to create a committed telephone line, which is separate from the personal line within the first month of operation. This will also be the period for creating a business card. This is how you can increase your probability of landing proper deals. It will be impossible to get deals if no one can easily contact you. It is poignant to observe due diligence, by making logistics a priority in the first month of establishing the business. 


It is important to be consistent in real estate wholesaling like any marketing strategy… You will increase your chances of landing better deals with experience over time.  It will be advantageous to remain persistent if you are to succeed in real estate wholesaling. According to market research, most of your first attempts are likely to be ignored, which is why you should not give up or be discouraged after mailing out a set of direct email postcards that are ignored. You should use this as an opportunity for brand exposure, even if they did not result in any phone call from a potential buyer.  This will enable prospective sellers to start recognizing, and by the third or subsequent marketing attempts, they can contact you if they need your assistance.

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