The expensive carpets made by Persian artists have been sold in the world like hot cakes. The amount of effort placed in design and selection of colors is remarkable and you need to find a way for determining which angle and theme will be good for the home decor you have aspired. Buying oriental carpets or rugs have never been easy but when you finally have the opportunity to own one, the next step is that you will take a great chance to develop good strategies that can prolong its life. Repairing can’t be that perfect, you will always see the patching up and that can lose the value of that exquisite item. Make sure you learn the proper ways to keep them safe and there are few guidelines preached by and one of the renowned deep carpet cleaning service:

1. Change the position after a specific interval

This practice is needed every month because once the carpet is rotated, the pressure areas are distributed. The people walking over the carpet will be passing from another spot and the heavy objects will be placed on different parts of the rug or carpet. Ignoring this aspect will develop permanent marks on the carpet that won’t go away easily. Here, How stuff works will help you to choose the right carpet for yourself.

2. Be careful with UV rays

A moderate amount of sunlight is good to keep the room refreshed and dry but a lot of exposure to the dangerous rays will affect the colors. This will result in faded shades and extremely disappointing image of the sun damaged rug overall.

3. Untangle fringes by flipping

The beautiful fringes are usually made of cotton fabric or silk, but if you feel that these fringes will remain perfect always, that is a misconception. If you want to make them look perfect every time, then please stop combing them with something. The best way is to flip the carpet abruptly so that the fringes fall into the place perfectly. This is the thing you need to do every few days so that co tangles can form in the first place.

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4. The ground rule – Vacuuming

Dirt has to be removed every day through vacuum cleaners so that you will not be able to damage the fibers with rough brushes. A lot of dust accumulated on the carpet without regular cleaning will be set deeply in the base and will not be cleaned without commercial cleaning methods. Check out this useful post from Family Handyman on how to protect your oriental carpet.

5. Specialized stain removal

The experts from a great carpet stain removal service will ensure that every different kind of stain is removed according to the type and severity. Such as a red wine stain can’t be reduced with the help of simple soapy water. Home-based products are the best to initiate the changes and you will need vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide for such kind easy solution for stains. Here are some must follow tips which will help your rug to last longer.

6. Padding is essential

To make the rug look more comfortable you need to use a good quality padding base material and a padded surface. This helps in developing good balance on the floor and protects the rug from weights and pressures as well. If you want to feel like walking on clouds, then this is the ultimate action you need to take.

7. Rearrange the furniture

The furniture and heavy embellishments have to around the place in every few months so that our expensive rugs won’t have weight marks on them. Sometimes the furniture is so heavy it can ruin the carpet fibres in even a few weeks, to avoid damaging the fibres of a rug we need some padding under the feet of a sofa.

8. Wet cleaning

Using a wet cloth with some refreshing cleaning liquid is a good idea if you want to make the rug look brighter and smell nicer. Here, Angie’s list comes up with proper assistance on washing oriental rugs.

9. The surface should be uniform

It is essential to prepare the floor before you place an exclusive carpet on the surface. A badly installed floor with the uneven surface can be a damaging factor for the high priced oriental carpets or rugs.

10. Moving by waving it away

Dragging the rug can damage the threads in a very bad way, you need to make sure that a technique is used to move the rug from that place without any destruction for the material. Make waving motions with the carpet, accompanied by little suggestion of changing the direction. In a few minutes, the carpet will reach the desired position. Here Wiki how will help you in a step by step way in case if you need to move your oriental carpet for a certain time,

Like every other gorgeous home décor, you need to care a lot for these artworks lying on the floor. A long-lasting brightness of colors can be an amazing and happy addition to family life. You can flaunt the graceful appearance and be proud that you kept it so well. Regular application of the above-mentioned ideas is the basic principle.


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