If you are trying to sell your home and you have hired a realtor to help in the process there are things that he or she will probably be thinking and should probably tell you about but because they are polite they will not say a word to you about it.  Below you will find several of these items that since your polite realtor will not tell you about them this article will. 

 Litter Box

As a homeowner who is trying to sell your house, you will find that if you have pets it might become a little more complicated and take longer.  This is especially true if you have cats.  Lets face it unless the cat is an outside cat you will have a litter box.  So what happens when you have more than one cat?  A polite realtor will not tell you that having a litter box for each cat you own is a good idea.  Potential homebuyers do not wish to see or smell the litter box when they come to view your home.

 Make Sure Your Furniture Fits In Its Spot

Another thing that a polite real estate agent will not tell you is that your furniture does not fit and looks terrible.  However this is something that should be talked about.  If you are trying to sell your home and you have a piece of furniture that does not quite fit in its space you should probably put that furniture in storage while your home is on the market.  It will make the room look small, unorganized and will make the prospective purchaser doubt the way their own furniture would fit.

 All Closet Doors Will Probably Be Opened

When someone is looking to purchase your home you can almost guarantee that every closet door you have will be opened and the person who is house shopping will probably judge you.  Therefore it is not a good idea to hide all of your clutter in the closets.  It is recommended that you put everything away and not just pile things high in the closet to get them out of sight.

Cleaning Your Appliances Inside And Out

One thing that a realtor will not tell you and probably should is that having clean appliances inside and outside is not an option it is a must.  Often times it is found that a person selling a home will clean the outside of their appliances until they shine but will neglect the inside of them such as the microwave.  Just like the closets the homebuyer will open the appliances to see their condition and will see a mess if you do not clean them.

Hide The Extension Cords

A homebuyer does not want to see that you have a bunch of extension cords all bunched together.  What this will show to him or her is that plugging things in to make them work is not easy.  It will then cause them to rethink the idea of purchasing your home.  Therefore hiding your extension cord bundles is a great idea.

Update Just A Little

A common turn off to many homebuyers is when little things have not been updated.  For example a light switch plate that has started to turn yellow can be a turn off to the buyers.  This is an easy update that does not cost a lot and should be done before the home goes on the market.

Selling a home is not an easy process.  There are many things that a realtor will tell you and often times things that they wish they could tell you but they do not because they are polite.  However if you follow the tips above and use your common sense you will find the process much easier.


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