If you have a property that you rent out as a vacation home you might find that running that property might be a slight challenge for you to do on your own.  This is when you might want to consider hiring a property manager.  Once you hire the perfect manager you will find that it will have many benefits but getting to the point where you find that perfect manager might be difficult.  This article will give you several tips on finding just the right person for the job that you have to offer.

Select Someone You Can Trust

The first tip in selecting your property manager is to select someone you can trust.  Most people think this is a common sense tip but many people do not live near their property so you need to be sure that the person you hire as a property manager can be trusted.  The first step in doing this is to search around the area to look at homes that are kept up nicely.  You can then contact the owners of the property to find out whom they use as their property manager a homeowners association can also give you good advice on who they would recommend.  Getting a referral to someone is better than going into a business relationship with someone you do not know.

Do Not Hire The First Property Manager You Speak With

When looking to hire a property manager you should speak to at least three different managers before making your decision.  When speaking with them you can ask all three of them the same questions such as who is in charge.  The answer you want to hear to this question is that the person you are speaking with is the one in charge.  Another question is what the plan is for cleaning and making repairs.  One of the most important jobs for the property manager is to be sure that the property is cleaned every time a guest is due to arrive.  And the other important task to speak about is what happens when a repair is needed

Make Sure That You Have All Of The Checks And Balances In Place

When you start to work with a property manager most of them will want to pay your bills for you on a monthly basis.  They will want to do this for the simple fact that they do not want to deal with an upset tenant who has the utilities cut off while they are there because you did not pay the bill.  Of course the catch is that they will want an escrow account to do this.  This all sounds good until you go to switch to a different manager and you do not get all of your money back.  For this fact it is just safer and simpler to pay your own bills.

Have A Short Term Agreement In The Beginning

A property manager will want you to sign an agreement with them when they take over the management of your property.  The best thing to do is to start out with a short agreement to kind of test the waters.  It is recommended that you start with an agreement that is three months long in length.  If you are happy with the results after that time period you can sign an agreement that is for a longer time period.

Having a property manager is a great idea and will relieve you of some of the stresses of having a rental property.  You should be careful whom you select and be sure to do your research carefully before turning your property over to someone else.

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