Maintenance of our homes does not end at keeping the interior sparkly clean- it also comprises of the exterior, including the roof. Maintaining a roof in good condition prevents you from spending a lot of cash in the future, not to mention the hassle of replacing the roof.

Why is Cleaning a Roof Necessary?

Cleaning the roof will prevent deterioration that leads to costly repairs, and in due course, you will need to replace the roof – which is pricey, time-consuming, and a routine-breaker.

It could have prevented unnecessary expenses, wasted time and mundane disruptions.

Roof cleaning will ensure that your home is sheltered, keeping a pristine appearance and state of your property. It will provide the peace of mind that you will have a roof to keep you protected for a long time.

What is Roof Cleaning? And is it Expensive?

Roof cleaning involves washing the shingles along with the tiles, removing dirt, grime, and algae that may damage parts of the roof. Moreover, yes, you can do it but professionals’ best perform it such as roof contractors, that will do a thorough job of cleaning the roof and other troubles that you may miss.

The job is tougher than it looks. Cleaning one tile can take a long time if you don’t have the suitable equipment or method.

Hence, Roof Contractors perform the task proficiently. They will do the work at a price that will not bust your budget and at the same time saving you the stress of how to clean the roof.

Top 6 things to know before Obtaining a Roof Cleaning

Here are the top 6 things to keep in mind when you are planning to have a roof cleaned.

#1 Roof Cleaning is not for Amateurs

You can’t just watch a YouTube video of ‘How To Clean Roofs’. No. It is not a simple job that can be solved by watching a 3-minute DIY video.

Firstly, can you balance yourself on the roof? Don’t be too so confident because one wrong step and bones will break- in the least. If standing on a sloped and uneven surface worries you, then imagine trying to maintain your balance up there while holding a pressure washer.

And yes, you need a pressure washer to clean the stubborn grimes of a roof. A haphazard job of manually scrubbing each tile is ineffective because you can’t finish it all in one day.

That is another issued to consider. Do you have a pressure washer? Do you know how to use a pressure washer? Weak pressure application will not suffice, too strong and you’ll damage the roof even further.

Therefore, cleaning roofs is not an easy project and it is better left in the hands of experienced individuals.

#2 Roof Cleaning will save a lot of Money

Contrary to popular belief, roof cleaning is low-cost, less than 50 cents per square foot. Compare that to the price of replacing a roof, the occasional roof cleaning is cheaper than a repair and a replacement.

It saves money, time, effort, and extends the life of a roof. Delaying the more costly event of having an entire roof replaced because it has not been cleaned.

#3 Algae’s are not just Eyesores, they Consume a Roof!

Algae doesn’t just make a home appear dreadful, it destroys a roof. It destroys the limestone used for making the individual shingles.

If left alone for long, a roof will lose its shape. A lost shingle or two makes your home unappealing because pieces will be missing here and there. Like a missing tooth in a row of beautiful pearly teeth.

Not only does it look ugly, but algae-eating through a roof leads to leaks inside a home. Aside from the possibility of replacing a roof sooner than expected –which will cost you up to $10,000 –, it can affect electricity bills because a missing shingle means a missing UV blocker, which results in a drop in energy efficiency.

#4 You don’t Need Visible Damage or Dirt to Request a Cleaning

Just like cancer, you don’t see the damage in the early stages. Don’t wait until they are visible before taking action. As the saying goes, prevention is better than mitigation.

Avoid dirt, grimes, algae, moss, and such from decaying a roof by having it cleaned. Even when everything is doing fine. Problems hide in plain sight. That is why an inspection by professionals should be conducted now and then to see if your roof is still in good condition or if it needs maintenance already.

That is why the last thing you should know…

#5 Inspection is Must to identify the type of Cleaning

You don’t get a contractor to clean your roof, gauge the roof and the type of treatment it is best suited for.

Why is this important? Simple; because knowing beforehand, the condition of the roof saves your time and the contractor’s time. It is not always the case that a roof needs intensive cleaning.

Besides, in that context, roof cleaning can be accomplished in two methods: soft washing and power washing.

Generally, soft washing is for mature roofs. It is what they call a chemical cleaning. This is a gentler treatment than a brutal power washing. Power washing, on the other hand, is for newer roofs that can withstand the strong pressure of water spray.

#6 Choose your Contractors Wisely

It is prudent to ask your neighbors and friends, or review sites before hiring a contractor to wash a roof. Hire an experienced, budget-friendly yet a top-quality results contractor.

This will warrant the health of a roof and secures the best treatment for your home’s maintenance.

Bottom Line

It is best to mind the condition of your entire home. Interior polishing is great but when the ceiling starts to leak and no amount of roof sealant solves the problem, then you might be looking at bigger troubles to arise.

To avoid this, have your roof inspected and cleaned every three to five years. The gutters should be cleaned annually or as needed.

While you are at it, have the house power washed as well — some contractors offer this as a package! Have a home that is well maintained and functioning as it should be.


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