Fathers are an important figure in our lives and we should certainly show them more appreciation. A cute and meaningful gift always works wonders when you want to appreciate or please someone. And especially if that gift is a handmade present in which you put some work. But it’s never easy to think of gifts for someone who generally has almost everything! However, it only takes some keen observation to know if they really need or want something. Getting your dad something he will love or appreciate is a good step. However, if you truly want to make the gift special, try some do-it-yourself (DIY) gift. Your dad will surely appreciate the effort and love you put into it! If you’re not sure what to make or what your dad will like, don’t worry! There’s no shortage of creative DIY gift ideas for dad to suit his taste and your budget. Here’s a list of some truly creative DIY gift ideas for dad that will certainly help you prepare the best gift for your dad!

DIY Lap Desks

Instead of wondering what your dad would want, why not gift something he will need? You can diy this amazing lap desk for him to work on in bed! It’s easy to make and also pretty comfortable. It is surely something all fathers will appreciate!

Hand Stamped Key Rings

You dad might have a lot of key chains already, but does he have the ones you hand stamped for him? No? Well time to get him one! These hand stamped washer key chains look great and are also an easy diy project.

Hand Print Father’s Day Shirt

One of the easiest yet cutest diy gifts ever, these hand print t-shirts can make anyone feel special! Get your little ones to stamp their hand prints on a plain t-shirt and voila! You gift’s ready! Make one of these and see their fathers’ face glow!

DIY Firewood Tote

If your dad loves to sit by the fireplace and chill, he is most likely making frequent trips to bring in firewood. Why not gift him a hand-made DIY firewood tote to carry the logs in? You can easily make one with some good quality canvas cloth!

Comic Book Coasters

For those dads who love comics, this is the perfect DIY gift! DIY coasters with their favorite comic book pictures on top will surely make them geek out whenever they see it. It’s easy to make and the kind of gift they will love!

DIY Laptop Riser

Another great gift idea is a DIY laptop riser! There are many different materials you can use for this project. However, wood and copper are popular. Your dad can use it at home as well as at work and he’s sure to love it!

PVC Notebook Holder

Is your dad among those who take their notebooks everywhere they go? Then this is probably the best DIY gift you can give him! He will surely love this inexpensive and durable DIY PVC pipes holder!

DIY Picture Frame

You might say this is the most common and easy DIY gift. So how about you make it a little uncommon? Why not try to make a unique frame yourself? You have many options like wood, marble, paper, cloth, thread, glitter, etc. to choose from!

Faux Copper Book Ends

Get a wood block and a toy eagle or any other topper you like from your local craft store. Spray the eagle with metallic copper paint and when dry glue it on top of the wood block with all purpose glue. Isn’t it the perfect gift for your dad’s bookshelf?

Creative Handmade Bookmarks

If your dad is avid (or not so avid!) book reader, this is a good gift you can make for him. However, instead of going for the same old quotes, you can do something creative. Try some origami or use crochet or cloth paint for a dramatic effect!

Dad’s Stache Jar

Are your kids very excited to gift their dad something diy? Make them fill up a mason jar with his favorite sweets like candies, chocolates or anything else he likes. A good phrase like ‘Dad’s Stache’ printed on the jar would make it even more interesting.

Wood Grain Steel Flask

This DIY wood grain flask is perfect for your dad. You need a steel flask, contact paper, and paint marker. First write your dad’s name on the paper. Now peel of the backside and wrap the paper around the flask. Your DIY flask is ready!

Dual Sided Etched Glass

Etching a glass (or anything else) yourself is not as difficult as it seems! The supplies are readily available and cheap too! So go ahead and etch something fun or sweet on your dad’s drink glass.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

This is a lovely gift for all those dads who just love fishing. You can DIY these cute lure from the beer or soda bottle caps you normally throw away. There are a lot of tutorials easily available on the internet to make these lures.

DIY Leather Keychain

Leather key chains look very pretty and elegant. They are a great gift for men as well as women. And making one yourself is pretty easy too! Plus, there are plenty of tutorials available online. So go ahead and make one already!

Travel Dop Kit

If your dad has a travelling job or is fond of travelling for fun, he will really appreciate this gift. With a little sewing and some readily available materials you can DIY a simple travel kit for him to store his toiletries or essentials!

Wooden Grill Scraper

Does your dad man the grill every time you barbeque? Give him a gift that will reduce his time wasted in cleaning the grill afterwards. A DIY grill scraper will show him you care and be a useful gift too.

DIY Apron

A dad who loves to grill or cook will surely appreciate this DIY gift and the effort you put in it. Show off your sewing skills and make him a handy apron. Add in a few extra pockets and make it adjustable. He’ll surely be grateful!

Activities Jar/Jar of Time

Can’t think of anything creative to give to your dad? How about some of your time? Fill up a mason jar with notes of activities you want to do with your dad and as a family. Then gift it to him as a jar of your time. He will surely cherish it!

Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Make coasters out of mason jars. This is an easy and inexpensive gift that all dads would appreciate. They look good as coasters and you can customize them according to his likes! A great DIY project and a lovely gift for dad too!

Wool iPad Case

Show some love to your dad with this DIY wool iPad case. These iPad covers are very easy to make and require a little sewing work. However, the end result is a sleek, cheap and elegant iPad cover that he will love to show off!

DIY Business Card Holder

No more business cards lying around the table! Make a business card holder for your dad to store them in. This DIY gift with all your love and efforts is sure to make him feel special. Plus it’s also something everyone can use.

DIY Citronella Paint Can Candles

If you live in a mosquito-populated area, this is a good gift for your dad. Citronella oil candle is an effective mosquito repellent. It is pretty easy to DIY and perfect for those who love camping. Just put it in something manly like paint cans!

Homemade Shaving Cream

Now this is a DIY gift that your dad is sure to appreciate! A homemade shaving cream means less expense and good quality shave. Plus the absence of harmful chemicals will ensure healthy skin afterwards!

DIY Fringed Flannel Throw

This super easy and very cool DIY fringed flannel throw is definitely a creative gift! All you need is thick flannel, matching thread, sewing machine, and fabric scissors. Although, it’s better to take some manly design like buffalo plaid if you want him to use it.

Shirt and Tie Paper Gift Boxes

These shirt and tie paper gift boxes are a great DIY gift project! They look cute and masculine at the same time. Put your gift inside them or fill them up with his favorite goodies! Either way they are sure to make your papa smile!

DIY Wooden Tie Rack

If you are good with woodwork, a DIY tie rack is a good gift to make for your father. It is a long-lasting gift and a fun project to take on. Plus, it’s something that your father can use and appreciate every day!

Lego Pen Holder

This cute little gift will not only make your kids feel happy and proud, but also be a useful addition to your husband’s study table. It is pretty easy to make and can become a fun project to do with your kids!

DIY Sock Bouquet

So, you’re at a loss what to give your father and bought socks for him? No worries. This sock bouquet is a great way of gifting it to him. It is creative, fun, and makes your simple and common gift much more interesting and unique!

DIY Photo Book

As they say, a photo is a memory relived! Gift your father a collection of all your good and fun times in this DIY photo book.This book is similar to a scrap book but full of photos that your dad will cherish always!

DIY Insulated Beverage Holders

These insulated beverage holders will surely light up your dad’s mood. And he will think of you whenever he drinks. Plus it’s great for enjoying a cooled drink for a longer time! Trust me, he’ll surely love this!

Necktie Eyeglass Case

Use your papa’s old necktie to make an interesting and creative eyeglass case for him. With some creative thinking and sewing skills, you can gift him some pretty cool eyeglass covers to use regularly!

Memory Box

Gift your father a box full of all your cherished memories to show him how important he is to you! Just gather stuff that reminds you of a good memory or some fun times you two had together or as family and fill it up in a box. Easy!

Homemade Fishing Pole

Does your dad love to fish regularly? Then make him this DIY fishing pole and see his face light up! He will surely enjoy this gift better than any other and appreciate your efforts too.

Family Photo Coasters

Coasters are a pretty common gift these days. But you can always personalize and make it unique! Just stick your family photos on existing coasters or customize and buy some pre-printed with the photos you selected.

Homemade Beer Soap

These simple and easy DIY gift ideas for dad involve just a few materials and steps. And you get a great handmade soap to use too! Since soap is a pretty girly gift, make it beer soap so that your father can actually use it!

Embroidered Linen Tie

If you have to give the same old gift of a tie to your dad, don’t be disheartened. Personalize it with his monogram in simple embroidery. This embroidered tie with his initials or monogram will look suave, sleek and very elegant.

DIY Gift Coupons

Gift coupons are always a great idea for gifting anyone. But more often than not, we cannot afford them. But you can always make them yourself! Just make interesting coupons with fun things like a homemade dinner or a head massage from you.

World’s Greatest Dad Wooden Medal

What better way to show your love than a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ medal? Make your own wooden medal from wood discs and attach them to ribbons. You can even hold a mock function or event to award it to him!

DIY Hand Warmers

These hand warmers will not just warm his hands in the cold winter they will also warm his heart! They are easy to make with readily available materials and don’t take much time. However, it is wise to use dark and masculine colors and fabrics.

Roll-up Tool Organizer

All dads love a good tool organizer! Your dad might have one too. Although he will surely not have a DIY organizer made by you! Give him a nice and easy way to organize his tool and minimize the mess in the work room!

DIY Pre-Shaving Oil

A great way to show your love for your dad! You can make your own shaving oil or shaving cream with a few simple ingredients and little effort. The result is a handmade oil/cream that is much more effective than chemical products.

DIY Fire Starter Kit

Whether your dad goes camping or not, whether he may need it or not, this is a gift all dads would love to receive! A kit which helps him start a fire anywhere is certainly the most appreciated and cool gift you can give him!

Beer Bouquet

So your dad loves beer more than he loves flowers? No problem! Give him a bouquet of beers instead! He will surely find it a much more cool and useful gift anyway. You can even pack it prettily like a bouquet for effect!

Jars of Infused Liquor

Since we are on the topic of liquor, this is another great idea that your father will love. Infuse his favorite liquors with some nice complementary flavors like fruits and herbs, etc. Experiment your infusions first and then gift him the best ones in airtight jars.

Hand Painted Pots

For those fathers who love gardening, pots and plants are great gifts. It’s a gift he will truly enjoy ad appreciate! You can also personalize the gift by hand-painting the pots in various colors to give them some charm and character.

DIY Mouse Pad

Gift him a mouse pad made entirely by you! You can use any material you want. However, wood is the commonly preferred choice for such DIYs. You can even personalize these mouse pads with his favorite cartoon character or movie!

Shrink Paper Keepsake Key Chains

They are not as difficult as they sound, I swear! There are a lot of tutorials available online to make these amazing keepsakes. It is cheap and easy project which gives pretty amazing results.

Customized Wine Stoppers

Customized wine stoppers can be tricky to make. However, they do make for amazing DIY presents. Your dad will just love to use them whenever he drinks!

DIY Coffee Mugs

These are pretty common DIY gifts to give your dad. However, a sturdy coffee mug with your family photo on it is always a special gift to give to him. Trust me, he’ll love it!

DIY Mini Pool Table

An amazing and cool gift to your golf-loving dad! What, a portable mini pool table within an aluminum box? Yeah, definitely a cool gift that he’ll love!


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