A house is a great heritage that requires investment of time and money to stay in good condition for many years. But watch out! You don’t pay expensive arrangements if you do not know exactly where the expense will be worth.

While some renovations can add value to your home, you cannot expect to recover every dollar invested. That’s why you must approach how to renovate a house carefully and prioritize your projects according to your needs and the condition of your home.

Whether your home is too small for your family, upgrades need to be made or your appearance needs to be refreshed, you may be thinking about renovations.

Before starting any arrangement in your house, check how much money you have and exactly what you want to do. The lack of clarity on these two aspects is the main reason for leaving unfinished or never start a remodel.

Repairing a property can be as accessible or expensive as we propose; if in advance you know that your budget is limited, it is best to prioritize before launching into the adventure.

Remember that in a remodeling we can include the maintenance, the aesthetics, the conditioning of particular spaces (for example, for the arrival of a baby), or even increase the square meters of your property. Keep in mind that there are two major types of repairs:

  • The minors: they have to do with changing furniture or gardening, and in which it is advisable to spend a maximum of 10% of the value of the house.
  • The structural ones: they involve building, expanding, finishing.

Analyze and prioritize the most important

If you are the owner of the house for several years, surely you know the strengths and weaknesses of your home; from the living room that you love, to the pipes that only bring problems.

So, if you are going to do a remodeling, start in the urgent corners, those that require special attention and that will take away headaches.

Although there are many spaces that you can fix yourself, consider whether you will need special labor for those arrangements that exceed your capabilities; it is advisable to hire professional services to avoid more expenses for having to do things two or three times.

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Before hiring any person, compare several budgets. Remember that paying for good quality services may seem like a high expense at that time, but it can save you a lot of money in the future.

Invest in Efficiency

Make improvements to the longevity, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the home. This type of renovation may not be very fun, but replacing the roof, insulation or heating system can improve the energy efficiency of your home. In general, work of this type is only required every 10 to 15 years.

Improve the functionality of your Home

In which room do you spend the most time? The kitchen? The family rooms? The TV rooms? If its size or layout does not suit your needs, renovations will make it more comfortable and functional. Such renovations are especially important if you plan to keep your home for many more years, as the daily enjoyment of your property depends on it.

Kitchen improvements

Together with the bathroom, they are the two spaces with the greatest wear in a house. Any investment in these spaces will be a good way to add value to your assets. In the kitchen, consider revising vinyl coatings, PVC materials, anti-humidity paints.

The painting for a house is another of the ideal renovations to give a new air, it improves any, stay and makes it more pleasant. If the budget to paint the kitchen (or any other space in the house) is very high, you can agree with other neighbors who want to paint their spaces as well and get a better wholesale price.

Make inexpensive aesthetic touch ups

Refurbishing the cabinets or replacing the countertop may give the impression that the entire kitchen has been renovated. Even a single coat of paint can give an amazing result. Replacing lighting fixtures and door handles can also add a touch of modernity and improve the look of your home at a low cost. In the end, if some alterations can increase your enjoyment of your home, the expense is justified.

Simple changes for the bathroom

If the toilets do not need to be changed in their entirety, a good idea may be to renew details such as the faucets in the sink and shower. The small changes help to give a much more modern look.

Renovation of windows

The windows can look like new, simply by sanding and painting the frames. Curtains that give new lighting also make a big difference.

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New distribution on How to Renovate a House

A prompt reform, free and requires only a little physical effort is to change, from time to time, the arrangement of the furniture. Not only in the living room or the hall, but in the bedrooms and all the spaces of the house where it is possible to try a different arrangement of the furniture.

Transform your home and add surplus value to your property without spending big money. If you will opt for the help of a professional for some repairs, be clear about your budget before paying for the “less urgent” arrangements of the house.

It makes sense to invest in renovations that will make your home safer and more efficient so that it continues to grow. Your house is probably your biggest investment. It is therefore wise to take care of it. Spend the least amount of money on cosmetic retouching and save the bulk of your renovation budget on structural improvements that will add real value to the property.

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