Do you want a nice and cozy deck in the backyard but it’s out of your budget? Not only you but many people step back when it comes to setting up a deck as it seems highly expensive. Don’t worry. In this guide, you’ll find the best small deck ideas on a budget.

Sometimes, having a beautiful front yard landscape and structure is not sufficient to make your home unique. A small but creative deck in the backyard can be a trendy addition to the home.

The deck is a great place to spend time with family and friends or host a party. Further, it not only creates an amazing visual appearance but also increases property value.

So, if you wish to build a small deck outside the home, here’re some low-budget deck ideas for you.

1. Wooden Deck

Wood is an affordable material to build and design a deck. Many people prefer wooden decks for their natural look, sustainability and high durability features.

You can build it in a small space and make it a comfortable spot. A wooden deck is ideal for hosting a grill or pool party for friends. A small deck outside the living room is a great way to throw a big party.

2. Staining the Deck and Place Railings

There’s another great way to redecorate your old deck or build a new one. You can stain the deck to make it waterproof and protect it from moisture, rot or mold.

Then, you can place railings to add extra security. This will also add comfort to the backyard deck.

3. Add Benches

Benches can be a great option for your backyard deck if you have a big family or love to invite guests more often. They looks very stylish and you don’t need to spend much money on them. You can even make some benches by your own and give them attractive looks.

This will make a lot of sitting place so that you can host dinners, through parties and spend some precious time with your family and friends.

4. Build A Stone and Brick Patio

You can create a welcoming feature to the deck with the attractive stone and brick patio. It’s easy to maintain and adds a nicer look to your deck. This may be time-consuming, but you can make it by yourself with the right tools and a proper design.

5. Add A Fire Pit and Pergola

The next idea you can try to make your backyard look stunning is by adding a fire pit and pergola. A pergola is an outdoor garden structure that creates a shaded walkway or sitting area of vertical pillars supporting cross beams and rafters. It’s not very expensive and can be made easily with durable wood.

Then you can make the sitting arrangement under the shade and impress your guests. 

6. Floating Pallet Deck

If you have piles of wood pallets stacked in the corner, you can build a DIY floating deck. This type of deck isn’t attached to the house and they look like floating above the ground.

While building it, make gaps between the pallets. This will help in air circulation and give a different look than a conventional deck. Alternatively, you can try an interlocking style wooden pallet deck for long-lasting.

If you want the deck in contrasting colors, paint the wooden flooring with a deeper hue and maintain the raw wood color. 

To complete the deck design, place a fire pit in the middle of the deck to get a warm feel while sitting there. 

7. Install An Outdoor Kitchen

Since a deck is a common place for dining and gathering, installing an outdoor kitchen can be a great addition. 

Stainless steel kitchen station is an inexpensive option that comes in different configuration styles. It’s easy to build, lightweight, recyclable and requires low maintenance.

8. Build A Pool or Jacuzzi

It’s great fun to hang out with friends in a pool on your backyard deck. Depending on the wood’s durability, you can easily build an above-ground pool deck or jacuzzi. But make sure that your deck is strong enough to hold a heavy pool.

9. Paint the Deck

If you’ve just built the deck, give it a fresh coat of paint for a different look. Paint will also protect the deck from water and weather damage.

Acrylic paint is the better option as it is UV-resistant and needs less maintenance. Whether it’s a lumber or redwood deck, this paint works great with all kinds. On the other hand, oil-based paints are slow drying, but it helps to fill the gaps or cracks in between the surface.

10. Hang Planters

When you’re low on budget, then go creative to add beauty to the deck. Hanging planters is not only pocket-friendly but also need minimum maintenance.

You can hang some year-round flower plants or try seasonal flowers. This will make your deck a pleasant place to enjoy.

11. Add A Privacy Screen

If you don’t want the neighbors to sneak on you, consider adding a privacy screen to the deck. You can make a DIY screen or buy a metal or wooden outdoor privacy screen.

12. Set Up A Movie Theatre

There’s nothing quite like watching movies with friends and family in the backyard. So, rather than going outside for movies, set up your own movie theatre on the backyard deck.

Building an outdoor theatre is cost-effective. All you need is a simple projector, a big portable screen/sheet and a sound system.

Final Note

Building or remodeling a deck isn’t always costly. With a proper plan, affordable materials and a set of tools, you can easily set up a small deck by yourself. 

Follow this article to get some simple yet creative deck ideas when you’re on a low budget. Hopefully, you find this helpful enough. Let us know in the comment section which idea you love the most and also share if you’ve anything better in mind.


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