If you are a real estate agent and you have children there is a good possibility that at least one if not all of your children will become a real estate agent just like you when they grow up.  It has been found that a career in real estate can often be contagious and even hereditary.  If you do some research you will find that there are families who have many generations of real estate agents in them and that it is very common.  If you think that your child might grow up to be an agent just like you there are several different signs that might show you that you may have a future real estate agent on your hands.

The Lemonade Stand Keeps Moving

If your little person has his or her own lemonade stand but they keep moving it around strategically in hopes that the amount of money they will make will be improved you might be seeing the future real estate agent already.  What is happening is that by changing the location the child is seeing the importance of what the location means to the profit.

Everything Is For Sale

Another sign that your child might be a future real estate agent is that they like to sell everything.  Often times you might even catch them trying to sell their school supplies.  What is happening here is that the child is seeing a chance to cash in on a profit and he or she is showing that a future entrepreneur is being molded right in front of your eyes.

Negotiating Skills Are Seen Even At Naptime

As a real estate agent you know that one of the most important skills you can have are the skills of negotiation.  As a parent you might find yourself in a negotiating battle with your child over naptime or even some other things.  What this means is simple you are offering things in return for them to take a nap or simply behave.  If this is happening already you might be looking at a future bargain negotiators.

 Hiding The Chaos

There are many different signs that you could be raising a real estate agent.  Another popular sign is that when a child cleans his or her bedroom it might be staged for success but if you look under the bed or even in a closet or drawer the chaos of the mess is being hidden.  This is similar to a person who is selling a home.  The home might look perfectly clean on the inside and outside but there is always a hidden stash of chaos.

 Your Child’s Contact List Is Longer Than Yours

As a real estate agent you should be a neighborhood expert.  What this means that if you need to have something done you should know exactly who to call.  If you find that your child has a friends list that is longer than yours and he or she is calling on that list to help solve problems you might be looking at a future real estate agent who will be a top producer.

Your Children Are Bringing You Leads And Business

If you find that your child is telling his friends, parents of friends, teachers or even other community members about you he or she is probably going to end up walking in your footsteps sooner than later.

There is nothing prouder than a parent who has a child follow in their career footsteps.  If you find that your child falls into any of the categories listed above you should keep encouraging them and even involve them in your business.

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