Some people have the idea that being a real estate agent is easy work and often times full of luxury.  However this is not the case.  Working as a real estate agent can be very demanding, give you long work hours, and is not the perfect luxury job you have always been looking for.  Below are some reasons why you might not be cut out to be in the field of real estate.

Being In It For The Money

Contrary to what every one else will tell you the real estate business is not where the money is.  It is true that if you are in the field and are very dedicated that there is the possibility of a lot of money to be made.  This will take a long amount of time to accomplish as well as a large amount of patience.

You Have The Ability To Make Your Own Schedule

Yes it is true that when working in real estate you have the ability to make your own schedule but it does not always work out that way.  You will be required to keep your schedule pretty much the same so that your clients will know when the best time is to contact you.  If you are working one day and not another it might get confusing for those you are trying to work with you.

The Work Is Easy

If you are thinking of becoming a real estate agent simply because you think the work is easy you might want to rethink your strategy.  Just as any other profession is you might go into the career thinking that it will be easy but once you are there you will find that it is hard work that often includes long hours, several telephone calls and a stack of paperwork.  You might also find yourself dealing with people who are not so easy to work with.

You Think Of Your Self As A “People Person”

If you think that you want to work in the field of real estate for the simple fact that you like to people and you like to be around them.  It might not be all you want it to be.  When you are a real estate agent you will find that when something goes wrong you will be the one that will get abused.  Everyone you are working with no matter how nice they might seem will blame you for everything that goes wrong.

You Are Liked By Many

Almost everyone is liked by many in the beginning.  But as you can see in the reason above once things go wrong and you have to deliver bad news to your client you will no longer be liked.  Therefore it is recommended that you do not get into the business of real estate for the reason that people like you.  It is possible that they will not like you for very long.

Being Hired Onto A Team That Is Already Successful

If you think that you will become a successful real estate agent because you have been hired onto a team that is already successful you will have another thing coming.  Even though you will be working with others who are already at the top of their game you will still need to continue to work hard.  You will need to have your own skills and abilities to use when you are with a customer.

If you are thinking about becoming a real estate agent you will need to know that if you want to be successful it is because it is something that you love to do.  You need to be committed to putting the time, effort and everything you have into the career to learn and succeed.

Image via Flickr by Aaron Jacobs


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