baby is sitting in storage areaOnce you have everything moved into your new home it is time to start unpacking the boxes. For many this is a time that is very time consuming and is a very daunting task. The stack of boxes can also cause you undue stress as to where you are going to put everything. However the good news is that when you start to unpack the boxes that are starting at you this is the perfect time to take advantage of the storage areas you have. This article will give you tips to maximize the amount of storage in your new home.


Many people believe that the heart of the home is in the kitchen. The reason behind this is that everything happens in the kitchen. From cooking, to eating, entertaining and just plain running the household happens in the kitchen. Therefore the place that should be the most organized is the kitchen. Having an organized kitchen will lead you to live an enjoyable and productive area.

There are many ways to take advantage of the storage spaces in your kitchen. You should start by leaving appliances that are not used often off of the kitchen counter. You will probably have a cabinet that you will not frequent so this could be a perfect storage area for them. A second idea to keep organized and storage maximized is to put your spices in a drawer next to the stove where they are easily accessible. Other items such as knives, olive oil, vinegar, and cooking utensils that are used when cooking should be kept close to the stovetop. Finally another good tips to maximizing storage is to keep your flat items such as cutting boards and cookie sheets placed upright so that you can retrieve them easily.


The bathrooms are always another source of frustration when you are looking for storage. A couple of tips to maximize the amount of space in the bathroom are to install a towel rack. This will allow for you to keep items off of the bathroom counter. You can also label a few small baskets to keep under your sink in the cabinets or in the drawers. These can be used to keep small items contained. Finally a shower stall caddy can help if you do not have any ledges in the shower for your shampoo and body wash. Often times you can find a shower caddy that can be hung from the showerhead.

The Entryway And Living Room

Many times the storage areas in the entryway and living room are ignored and these places become cluttered quickly. Often times people think that this is a lost cause and that there is nothing you can do about it. However the good news is that there are solutions to be found. For example you can purchase a storage bench to keep in the entryway. These can be found with a seat that opens up. Once you have this option you can hide shoes, ball gloves, bags or whatever else you can find that is lying around. In the living room a storage ottoman can do the very same thing.


The garage is also a place that can be maximized for storage. Simply installing racks along the walls of the garage can do this. This will help to get all of the clutter off of the floor and put somewhere that is easily accessible.

It is important that when you are unpacking that you do not rush. By putting things away the correct way to begin with you will find yourself saving time later on and not having to reorganize sooner rather than later.


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