negotiation skills of a real estate agentWhen working in the real estate field you will find that there are many real estate agents who believe that they are experts when it comes to being a real estate negotiator. However there are many skills needed when negotiating and not everyone has the skills that are needed. This article will help to explain just who has the skills that are needed and what the special skills are that are required.

What Is Needed

When you set out to start negotiating real estate on a piece of  what is needed to start is a basic level of negotiation skills. Mainly you will need to know the art of persuasion. As a negotiator who claims to be an expert you will need to know as much as you can about the opposite party. This includes the reason why they are entering into the transaction and what kind of a result they are looking for. The negotiator will then use this information to help meet the seller’s needs and to facilitate the sale quickly.

When labeled as a good negotiator there are also other elements that are required. The negotiator will need to be able to maintain a calm demeanor. Many put this as having a poker face and being able to bluff to get what is needed. Another good negotiation skill to have is empathy. Many buyers and sellers have an emotional investment in the property and they may or may not act rationally. A negotiator who is good at the job will use this emotional component to the full advantage. And finally the most important skill needed when it comes to negotiation is to be able to assist the client when working with the contract and trying to make the contract as strong as it can be.

Who Has All Of These Skills

Finding someone who has all of these skills might prove to be difficult. The first three of the skills are pretty easy to possess but the fourth one might be a little more difficult to find when trying to combine all of the skills. Many times a real estate agent will be good at the first three skills but not the legal aspect therefore you might want to hire an attorney when it comes to negotiations.

Negotiating Tips

There are many different types of tips to be spoken of when it comes to negotiating. The first tip that should be discussed is to let the other party speak first. This will help you to decide exactly where the other party stands and it is also possible that if the other party makes an offer that it could be better than the offer that you would make first. This does not always happen this way but it does happen sometimes.

Another tip is to stop talking and start listening. When you are negotiating many people do not know when to stop talking and close their mouths. This is a difficult skill to obtain. Silence can make people uncomfortable. Just remember that if you are uncomfortable the other party probably is as well.

A final tip is to not let your ego get in the way. Another way of putting this is to check your ego at the door. People are all about getting the best deal out of the negotiation and often times their egos can get in the way. Often times getting what you want out of a real estate deal means that you need to stroke the ego of a party from the opposite side of the deal.

When working in real estate the most nerve wracking part of the whole job is the negotiations. If you are working with a real estate agent you will need to be sure that their negotiation skills are top notch. There are many other tips involved when negotiating you just need to figure out which ones involve you.


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