If you have a friend or a significant other in your life that is a real estate agent you might be in the market for the perfect holiday gift to give them. There are many new items on the market that all real estate agents are looking forward to having in their lives.  There is no need to worry about the agent being disappointed these items will make their lives much easier and even a bit more fun. 

Nest Protect

Different companies are trying to come up with different and innovative ways to interact with our homes.  One of the newest items is known as Nest Protect and is brought to us by the same people who created Nest Thermostat.  The Nest Protect system will contact you through a message system over the Wi-Fi to let you know if there is a problem or if the batteries are running low.  This is a great system that will cost you less than $100.

Kwikset Kevo

Did you ever think that your smartphone could unlock your front door?  With the Kwikset Kevo you will no longer be searching for the keys in the bottom of your purse.  By simply using your smartphone including the iPhone you can touch the lock on your door to open it.  All realtors love items that make things easier for them.


The GoPro is a tiny gadget that is growing in popularity with all people not only real estate agents.  As an agent this can be very handy to have because he or she can attach it to the front of their car and will have the capability to record footage of the neighborhood for any one especially those who are coming from out of town.  These are a little higher in price than some of the other gift ideas and will start around $400.


In the recent months the idea of owning your own drone has become reality and is growing in popularity.  Now your favorite real estate agent can receive one as a gift and can include a sky view during their virtual tours of a home.  However it will be necessary that the real estate agent be careful to read and follow all rules governing the commercial use of the drones.


If your real estate takes their own photos through their smartphones instead of hiring a photographer a great gift idea for him or her could be the olloclip lens system.  This is a lens system that will work on the smartphones including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and will give you advances option lenses.  With these lenses the agent will have the capability to take wide-angle photos or even take up close pictures.    This is one of the less expensive options and will probably cost your $50 to $100 out of pocket.

Bluetooth Kit For The Car

In today’s market the traditional real estate agent spends a large amount of time in the car going from house to house.  If the car that the agent is driving is not equipped with Bluetooth a Bluetooth kit for the car may be the perfect gift to purchase.  This will give him or her the hands free option and will not only make their lives easier but safer as well.

Life as a real estate agent can be a very busy time and if you are purchasing a gift for an agent you will want it to be something that will make their life easier.  Any of the above items will help to contribute to making their live easy and simple.

Image via Flickr by Don McCullough


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