In the housing market today it is not uncommon for homebuyers to be armed with the data that they have researched themselves.  With the art of technology a homebuyer can find almost all of the information that they need with just a few clicks of a button.  This is why all homebuyers expect the agent they hire to be a market expert.  They should know exactly how all contracts and negotiations work and should be an expert at customer service.  For this very reason there are several questions that homebuyers expect their real estate agent to be able to answer.

What Is The Best Way To Figure Out How Much I Can Afford

As a homebuyer who is setting out to purchase a home one of the first questions that will need to be answered is how much can you afford to spend.  A real estate agent should be able to help the homebuyer create a budget that will show the purchaser how much they can afford including their monthly expenses.  The agent should also have a list of mortgage professionals that can be contacted to get started with the mortgage process.

How Much Should I Offer If Interested In The Home

Once you find a home you will want to put in an offer this is where it can get tricky.  You will want to put in an offer that is reasonable as well as competitive that will make the sellers think that your offer is the right one.  Of course every home is different and many future buyers will get emotionally attached to the home before the offer is even accepted.  This is a decision that is based on research and the market data.  By helping them make an informed decision they will think of you as a rockstar agent when the offer is accepted.

You Really Want The Home But There Are Multiple Offers

Once your clients find the house of their dreams it will be up to you as their agent to walk them through the process especially when there are multiple offers.  A good agent will be able to make his or her client’s offer stand out to be the one that is accepted.  An example of placing a good offer is to have an inspection completed before putting in the offer.  This way when the offer is placed you can put any contingencies needed on the offer and it will communicate how serious your clients are.

Be Able To Answer Questions Regarding Closing Costs

As an agent you will have the ability to explain closing costs but only to a certain extent.  The lender will have the final word regarding closing costs.  Closing costs should be explained to the buyer as fees that are charged by others who are involved with the sale of the home and are in addition to the down payment costs.  These fees may include the title origination fees as well as fees that might be charged by inspectors and appraisers and there could be other fees as well.

What To Look For In A Home Inspection

As a rockstar agent you should be sure that your homebuyers will know what they are looking for during a home inspection that include other things that a traditional inspection will not.  Examples of these could be termite damage, chimney repairs, lead based paints or even foundation problems.

The above questions are only a few that as an agent your clients will expect you to be able to answer.  Of course there is always the possibility that they will also ask you additional questions.  You should be prepared to answer all questions.


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