When you are purchasing a home you will find that it can be a very stressful time of your life. This will happen whether it is the first home you have ever purchased or one of many. You will also find that almost all mortgage companies will require you to have a home inspection.  Find out the home inspection checklist when dealing with a home inspector.

The Home Will Pass Inspection in Home Inspection Checklist

When you hire an inspector it is not a large financial burden however the burden comes into play when you get the paperwork from the inspector himself. Often times the inspector will make the list of repairs so long that it will completely ruin the deal to purchase the house. Many inspectors are often previous workers in the construction field and therefore will want perfection. Therefore the buyers are loaded down with a large number of minor repairs that will need to be completed. You should find an inspector that is looking for the crucial areas of repairs.

Skip The Inspection And Get The House

When you are speaking with a realtor you will find that many times an inspection is not required by law. However, it is recommended that you include the inspection in the contract to purchase the house. Of course, if you skip the inspection you might find yourself in a heap of trouble once the house has been purchased and you are on your own for the repairs that need to be made.

Qualifications Of A Home Inspector

An inspector is not out to tell you that he or she may or may not be qualified to do the inspection work on the home. Not every state has the requirements that regulate home inspectors. In fact, many have not even been to a licensing course.

Credentials Are Easily Obtainable

If the inspector is certified they will be required to have a certain amount of professionally paid inspections under their belt. Many organizations will also require an inspector to pass an examination.

Cutting Corners

Home inspectors will often times build a relationship with realtors. This will allow them to obtain more business. However, this also leads to inspectors trying to make the realtor happy and often cutting corners to achieve this.

Watch The Inspector

It is recommended to follow the inspector room to room throughout the home during the inspection. This will allow the inspector to show the future homeowner any problems that are within the house and will not scare the buyer with a report that shows every little thing that could potentially happen.

The Earlier The Better

An inspector will not tell you that you need to bring them in early into the purchase. Many will wait until an offer is already made before bringing in the inspector. When purchasing a home the inspector can be brought into the home before the offer is made therefore when things are found that need to be corrected it can be included within the original contract.

Hire Someone Else To Find A Serious Problem

There are some problems that an inspector will not find. An inspector will not always tell you that they are not a professional at every problem in the home. If you suspect that something needs to be corrected you might want to bring in a professional to that problem.

New Problems Come With New Construction

Things can still go wrong in a brand new home that was just built. The problems might not be visible but they can still be there.

Making Money Off Of The Problems Found

Many home inspectors were probably a general contractor in a previous life. Therefore when something is wrong with a home it is not uncommon for the inspector to steer work to their friends. When this happens they will often be paid “under the table” for this referral.

The above items are only a few of the things that a home inspector will not want you to know. They are out to make money just like the rest of us and often times they will do things to do just that.


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