If you are thinking about doing some home remodeling and renovations you might also be thinking about hiring a general contractor.  This in itself can be a daunting task.  You might also find that working with a general contractor can be either very rewarding or it could be your worst nightmare.  The good news is that if you find the right fit for a remodeling contractor you will find that your renovation is much easier.

Communication before Hiring Remodeling Contractor

The first step to hiring a general contractor is to interview with them.  It is recommended that you interview at least three general contractors to find the one that will best fit your needs.  During the interview, you should let the contractor know your exact expectations.  This can include how often you should see him/her, your estimated job completion date, the budget you need to stick to and how often you would like to communicate with them.  You should also request references from the contractor and check with all of the references as well as his license and insurance.   When you are speaking with the references you should always ask about how often he visited the job, if the budget that was set was met or if he went over, if the job was finished within the timeframe given and if he was quick to return phone messages or emails that were left for him.

Sometimes Cheaper Is Not Always Better

If you are looking to save money on the contractor that you hire you might find that the cheapest contractor is not always the best idea.  Often times that contractor will give you a bid that you wish to hear to simply get the job but will usually end up going over the bid.  This is why you should not allow the price to make your decision for you.  When you hire someone you should hire your contractor based on references and experience and not on his price.

Have A Timeline

Once you have decided on which contractor you wish to you and you are getting ready to sign the contract you should put into writing an estimated timeline that you wish to have.  Once this has been completed the contractor may need a few things from you such as picking out supplies right away.  It is also important to be organized and let the contractor know exactly what you want before the project gets started.  Another good idea is to create a calendar and share it with the contractor.

Allow Openness

When you are working with a contractor it is important that you allow for him to be open with you and informative.  Expect to get bad news during the renovation process and remember that if you want something changed during the process you will need to change your order and it will probably cost extra.  Another important bit of information is to not be upset with your contractor if there is time added to your project.  He is doing his best to meet your schedule but when changes happen it will likely add time to the project. Your contractor is keeping a tight schedule.  When there is a change within the project it will likely affect the timeline he is working on.

When you are planning a renovation project with a general contractor it is best to not ask for a worst-case scenario.  The contractor will do his best to stay on schedule and meet all of your expectations.  It is important that you remember that the world is not perfect and things do often go wrong.


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