If you are thinking of moving to Seattle you are not alone.  The city of Seattle was recently voted as the Most Popular City In America and is also known for the amount of rain as well as the coffee that is served.  However the city of Seattle is not the right fit for everyone so here are some things that you should know before you start to pack your things.

It Rains Often

If you are not a big fan of the rain you will probably want to reconsider your relocation area.  The annual precipitation might be less that in New York or Boston but there is always a constant, steady drizzle of rain falling.  It will do this for about nine months of the year.  If the rain is not enough to make you depressed the dreary and gray skies might do the trick.  For some people this can cause health problems.  People need to see the sun.

Freezing In Seattle

Newcomers to the city of Seattle often welcome the icy atmosphere.  You might hear people refer to this as The Seattle Freeze.  Yes it gets cold there and can be miserable when you are trying to walk or commute in the cold and freezing rain.

Killer Whales

While in Seattle it is not uncommon to see the wild orca whales are they roam around Puget Sound.  This is a popular place for sea lions to be and the whales are hungry and looking for food.  It is not recommended that you swim in these frigid waters as they are not only freezing cold but filled with some of the most dangerous killers.  However you will be happy to hear that in Seattle the water may be filled with creatures that will do you harm but the dry land is free from poisonous snakes.

Purchasing A House In Seattle

There are many different areas where you can purchase a residence.  You can be in the urban setting and purchase a condo in downtown Seattle or you can go into one of the neighborhoods that are all unique and purchase a home.  The median home price in Seattle is a little over $300,000 but if you want a view of the water or the mountains you will find yourself paying even more.


If you are concerned about the amount of crime in Seattle you will be happy to know that this city is rated number four in the list of safe cities.  In fact it is such a safe city that the law enforcement officers actually care about jaywalking and you will receive a ticket and a fine if you are caught jaywalking.

Gaining Weight In The Winter

If you are one that is careful to watch your weight this is probably not the best place for you to live.  This is because there is a winter weight gain when you live in Seattle.  The reason behind this is because when it turns dreary and rainy many locals turn to ice cream and gelato, which is known as some of the best in America.


If you are thinking of moving to Seattle you should know that there are many faults in the Earth that run under Seattle.  This makes Seattle a prime area for a severe earthquake and in fact the city is overdue for one.  This is something that you will want to consider and you will need to have the proper insurance that will cover your home and your belongings if there is damage that occurs.

If you are considering relocating to Seattle you should read all of the information that you can find regarding the city.  Doing this will help to ensure that you are making a move that will fit your personality and your lifestyle.

Infographic provided by True Friends Moving Company


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