A kitchen remodel checklist will help you have a clear picture of what has to be done, who is to do it, when can you schedule it and approximate on the time and money that will be required for the project to be completed. 

 Jumping in headfirst when remodeling a kitchen might not the best idea. A remodeling project requires you to complete certain tasks that you might not have knowledge on such as setting a timeline for the project and obtaining the necessary building permits. This kitchen remodels checklist will be helpful in so many ways such as providing a basic road map that will help you think ahead towards your upcoming project. 

Determine A Budget

A budget will be important when creating your plan. Having an idea of what you are willing to spend from the outset will give you sensible expectations about what you can achieve and offset your project on a solid foundation. Having an idea of your budget will help sensible plan goals even without an idea of how much you are willing to spend. An unlimited budget comes with unlimited choices, therefore, making it hard to make any choices at all.

Pick Your Remodeling Season

The time of year you plan on your project may affect your plans. A kitchen remodels during the holidays would be a bad idea especially if you and your family are into entertaining during this time of the year. You, therefore, should consider starting the project after the holidays. If you also have any specials occasions planned such as a graduation party or a wedding, it is reasonable to plan the project to be completed at least two months before the event. Many homeowners prefer to remodel during the spring and summer seasons. You are able to have picnics and grill outdoors while your kitchen is under construction during the warm seasons. 

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Take Into Consideration Your Family Schedule

The construction process could affect family members. You have to consider school schedules and family activities when planning your kitchen remodel. It is a good idea to plan a remodel when your family has little commitments, and their schedules are flexible. You also have to remember about your pets (keep them away from the work areas for safety reasons).

Keep Account Of Your Physical Space

Knowledge of your own space will make it easier to determine your needs and wants, and the easier it becomes to work with a contractor. Check, whether you are plumbing, electrical systems and HVAC are in good shape. Hiring a building inspector will be necessary to determine which walls load are bearing before you plan to knock them down if you want to change the structural system of your home.

Look Up Building Codes And Acquire Permits If Required

Every jurisdiction has its codes and permit processes. A permit is a must have for alterations such as plumbing, structural, electrical and mechanical changes to your house.W3hen sorting the services of a contractor you should ask them whether they would take care of permitting on your behalf. Verify with your local construction division and their internet sites on the requirements and necessary paperwork. It could take as long as two weeks for your application to be reviewed. 

Create A Temporary Kitchen

You can set up a temporary kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and access to water for washing dishes. Think of meals that you can prepare without a cooktop. Paper plates, cups, bowls, and plastic utensils will make things easier as you will not have access to the dishwasher or the kitchen sink. Remodeling during good weather is important here as you will be able to use an outdoor grill as an alternate method of cooking and a variety of meal options. 

Electrical Wiring

Our modern codes system could have you thinking that you are limited on options for outlets in a kitchen. Local building codes determine how many outlets and how far they have to be spaced. These codes should not be a determining factor on how you are electrical should be. Many homeowners are resolving to the horizontal installation of their outlets, to blend into a subway tile grid. In setting outlets in the bottoms of upper cabinets allows for easy access while completely obscuring the hardware. You may also have to plan ahead of time if you want to have an appliance garage (a cabinet with a door, installed on the counter, that houses small appliances and features built-in outlets) 

Identify Your Goals And Prioritize

 Remodeling your kitchen is a project that you will find rewarding later on, filled with decisions, choices of styles, budgeting and setting priorities. Your kitchen should reflect your interest, lifestyle, and tastes. List down your priorities. Do you want a particular design? An open model? Additional square feet? A cleaner, tidier look? Can you get rid of the luxury flooring to get all new appliances? When thinking about the colors of your floors, cabinets, countertops, and walls, keep in mind the complementary colors as well to ensure the aesthetics of your design.

Seek The Services Of A Design / Build Contractor

The design/build contractor can be of help in the design, finance and build your kitchen project. Consult with the contractor to agree on rates, research their prowess and determine their efficiency. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals or previous clients. Your contractor will discuss elements such as colors, styles, designs, appliances, floors, and countertops to help you remodel to a kitchen of your dreams.

Prepare Before Ordering

Flooring, countertops, cabinets, and appliances are not your regular kind of orders. You may want to consider two things while ordering space and time. You should order your products and materials in advance, and then wait for them to arrive before starting the project. Special order materials could take longer to arrive, and mishaps with the manufacturer or delivery company could cause unexpected delays. Inventory and inspect your orders carefully when they arrive. 

Enjoying Your Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be a long process, but worth it in the end. Whether you are remodeling to sell or to your dream kitchen in the home of your dreams, you have put in the work, and now you have to relax. Where will you store everything? Put together a huge, secure storage region just like a garage, porch, dining area or local storage space. Cabinets and flooring will have to be stored in a temperature-controlled area. Extreme cold, heat, moisture, dryness, and humidity will trigger damage, specifically to wood items, and can void the guarantee.


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