If you ask anyone who has a dedicated laundry room in their home more than likely you will find that they will say that it is the most untidy and unkempt room in the house.  People who have a laundry room like this is probably finding that it is hampering the amount of productivity that is occurring and it is possibly even causing a household hazard.  Here are a few instructions and tips for keeping your laundry room tidy and your appliances up to par.

Consolidate And Be Smart

The laundry room is always the place in the house that collects the most clutter.  The first thing you should do is to look over all of the non-essential things that have accumulated in there over time and eventually took over all of the available space. This is the perfect time to start cleaning out the junk and getting rid of the items that are not useful. Once you have finished removing the clutter the next step is to go through your stash of cleaning supplies.  You should get rid of any supplies that you no longer use and those that are expired.  You should also be sure to not store chemicals that can react to each other near one another.  This can be a very large and dangerous hazard.  Also be aware that you should not store any chemicals that are flammable next to a gas-powered appliance.  You definitely do not want to start a fire.

Check Up And Clean Out

The appliances of today’s world are very user-friendly and many times the washer and dryer can be forgotten about and the regular maintenance does not get done.  All heavy-duty appliances need their maintenance completed regularly to work perfectly.  If this maintenance is done you will find that the appliances will last much longer and may not require service calls, which will cost you money.  It does not take much time or effort to keep up with your washer and dryer.  You need to be sure that all hoses on the washer are into it and are not showing any wear.  Also be sure that all seals are fitting snugly and there is no wear and tear.  On your dryer be sure to completely clean the lint trap and clean the exhaust hose.  This is done easily by removing the hose from the dryer and vacuuming out the buildup.  Once you do this your clean out has been completed.

Wash The Washer

Washing the washer might sound kind of crazy but it is something that does need to be done every so often.  Detergents and fabric softeners can cause a build-up to happen.  This can cause performance issues as well as cause a foul odor to occur.  To keep this from happening you should run an empty washer through a wash cycle with a cup of white vinegar or liquid chlorine bleach instead of your everyday laundry detergent.

By cleaning the junk and clutter from your laundry room and performing regular maintenance on your washing machine and your dryer you will find that the amount of productivity you will have will greatly increase.  You will also find that your heavy-duty machinery will last much longer as well.  And an extra bonus is that if you keep up with your regular maintenance you will find that you will save money on service calls as well.  In the long run, this will all save you money and your clothes will thank you.  Not only will your machines be happy but also so will you.  Your laundry room will be much cleaner and probably smell better.

Image Credits: Aaron Gustafson


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