There are many things in your home that might be making you sick and you may not even realize it is happening.  You might think that your home has something like a new car small but when it comes to reality you are actually breathing in toxins that are being released into the air from different types of materials.  Just like the outdoor pollution if you have a high level of indoor pollution can have a poor effect on your health as well.  In fact according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the indoor environment can be as much as two to five times even more polluted than the outdoor elements.  The good news is that there are many different things you can do to keep your house healthy.

Low-VOC Goods

When you are out shopping for new products for your home such as furniture, paint, carpet, cleaning chemicals and smaller things such as shower curtains you should be sure that they are made from low-VOC or even zero-VOC materials.  VOC stands for volatile organic compound.  These products will have a low or even no rate of putting toxic pollutants into the air.

Find The Allergens

Searching your home for the sources of all allergens and toxic pollutants is especially important.  The best way to remove these allergens is to start cleaning your home from top to bottom.  This is the perfect way to get ride of mold and dust and of course it is also a good way to declutter your home.

Remember All Surfaces

If you are worried about your children playing on the floor you should look to purchase a zero-VOC carpet or a rug made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wool.  Of course the best way to avoid these toxins is to purchase ceramic tile or even bamboo flooring.

Lead Paint

If you live in or are looking to purchase an older home you should be sure that there is not a presence of lead paint.  Even a low level of lead paint within a child’s system can lead to health problems that are very serious.  To find out more information regarding this you should contact the EPA.

Buy Solid Pieces Of Furniture

The best type of furniture you can purchase is that made of solid wood.  These pieces of furniture can often be found at an inexpensive price at a resale shop or even at a yard/garage sale.  Solid wood furniture is built by not including formaldehyde in them like in the inexpensive furniture that you have to put together.

 Green Cleaners

When you are shopping for your household cleaners you should purchase the ones that are green cleaners meaning that they are made with all natural ingredients.  The other option is to make your own cleaning products.  A perfect example of this is by using water and vinegar to clean windows and mirrors.  Not only does it work well but it smells good as well.

The Humidity Indoors

It is very important that you control the amount of humidity in your home.  This will help to cut down on the possibility of mold growing in your home.  If you find that you are having a difficult time with this you can always you a dehumidifier to help reduce the moisture.

Open Your Windows

Letting your home breathe is a good way to keep your home healthy.  Ventilation will help keep the toxic fumes out side and the fresh air being circulated throughout the house will help to keep things healthy.

Having a healthy home is very important for you and your family to live a healthy life.  If you follow all of the tips above you will find that not only will your home smell better but you will probably feel better as well.

Image via Flickr by Casey Curtis


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