Moving to a new home from your parents is exciting, fun and sad at the same time. You buy a home, sign all the documents and it’s yours. You’re just about to start the packing but wait. Have you made the checklist yet?

Getting ready for your home and learning what to tackle first takes lots of time as a homeowner. You may face many challenges once you step into the home. Therefore, it’s important to determine pre-move-in works to save yourself time and trouble.

Choose the tasks and make a priority list. Not to mention, check out for the budget and take decisions accordingly. Otherwise, keeping things to do at the last moment or after moving in can be a headache.

However, you have a lot going around already. So to make your list straightforward, this article will provide 4 important things to think about before moving into your new home. Thus, it’ll be easier to make a plan and put effort into getting them done.

The Ultimate Checklist Before Moving Into Your New Home

1. Check the Flooring

If it’s a brand new home, then you’ve nothing to worry about. But what if you bought this house with e carpet you hate? Are you considering changing it after moving in? Then you may have to move the furniture again.

So, do yourself a favor and change the flooring now if you’ve got the money. Replace the carpet or mattress with a new one. Or else, arrange a new flooring within a few days before moving in. Then, cover the floor with area rugs or mats so the movers can’t scratch the wood. Now place the sofa and relax.

2. Paint the Walls

Who doesn’t love the newly painted walls? Moreover, it’s easy to paint an empty room. Otherwise, you would have to move furniture, take off all mirrors or pictures, remove curtains, and a lot more.

However, you can paint the walls by yourself. But this may take a while to finish. So it’s better to hire a crew of professionals to get the job done within 2-3 days. Either paint walls in white or something light, or else depending on the furniture and light bulbs, choose your favorite color.

Furthermore, you can do crown molding to give the rooms an extra appealing look.

3. Get the Electricity On-Line

Lighten up your rooms with a track of lighting. New homes have all electrical outlets, but it isn’t easy to work with the older homes.

Hence, pay the electricians to install new lights, ceiling fans and add outlets for computer/laptop, TV, fridges, etc. Correspondingly, you can try smart motions to activate lights.

4. Check the Locks and Plumbing

Last but not least, you don’t know who has access to the locks. So before moving in, change them to stay safe. Either schedule a locksmith or install new deadbolts.

Finally, go and check the plumbing if you see water dripping. The last thing you want in the new home is a running toilet. So, call for a plumber and change the water pipeline.

In a Nutshell

Apart from the 4 important things, you may consider some additional facts before moving into your new home. Such as organizing the closet, vacuum out the vents, call for paste control, meet neighbors etc. Furthermore, before closing the deal, take the expert tips for guidance.

Graphic created by New City Moving.

Now, as you’ve done all the homework, just sit, pop up the champagne and enjoy the new home.


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