Many of us have struggled and know the pain of painting a tall wall that is above the stairway and is very tall.  In fact, most of us would rather hire a professional that owns his or her own scaffolding to do the job.  However, you might be surprised to know that If you have a ladder and a good plan you can do this painting job successfully without too much of an issue.

Get Your Extension Ladder

The first step in starting this painting job is to get your extension ladder.  Depending on how high your wall is will depend on how high your ladder will need to extend.  Once you have that you will need to put the ladder at the top of the stairs.  This will allow you to reach the highest part of the wall that is possible.  If possible you might even be able to put the ladder on one of the steps.  During this step of the painting process, you will need to be sure that you complete all of the higher parts of the wall before you start to paint roll the rest of the wall.  This will keep you from scratching up your walls by putting the ladder back up against them.

Choose the Right Painting Tool: Hook on your Ladder

The second step of painting a high wall above your stairs seems like a common sense one but it is often times forgotten about when you are doing the shopping for your painting materials.  This tip is to put a hook on the side of your ladder.  This will allow you to hang your paint can off of your ladder and you will not have to juggle the paint can, your paint brush and still worry about not falling off of the ladder all at the same time.

Install the Ladder safely & securely

While you are on the ladder and painting the areas that need to be painted with a brush such as the trim and the portion of the wall that is near the trim you will want to be sure your ladder in securely sitting on the floor.  No one wants to topple over while you are painting.  This is especially true when you are painting a tall wall that involves stairs.

Brush Extender can be Handy

No matter how hard you try when you are dealing with painting a tall wall that involves steps there will probably be portions of that wall that you cannot reach because your arms are not long enough.  This is where a brush extender can help.  Often times these extenders are referred to as a broken arm.  What this handy tool does that it will reach areas that you cannot reach even when you are on a ladder.  This extender will clip onto the brush and then will allow for you to put the brush onto an extension pole.  The angle can be adjusted which will help for the best control possible but can still be tricky to use until you get used to the feel of it.

Control you Grip with a Non-Skid angled Platform

If you are having a difficult time getting your extension ladder to sit perfectly you might need to invest in a non-skid angled platform.  This will grip to the stairs and will allow for your ladder to be set on one leg on the ground and another one on the step or other areas to help you get to those tricky spots that you typically cannot reach.

Paint Roller & Extension Pole: True Friends in need

Once you have completed all of the tips above you can then paint the remaining portions of the walls with a paint roller.  If there are still places you cannot reach you should be able to finish those with an extension pole.

Painting a tall wall that is located above a set of stairs is not the easiest thing to do.  Rather than hire a professional you can follow the tips above to successfully get the painting completed and get the freshly painted look that you are striving for.


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