real estate agentHave you ever heard a real estate agent say that they do not have many returning clients?  This is a common problem that real estate agents often run into.  There are many reasons why the clients do not return to the original real estate agent however the most common reason for this is due to the fact that most clients cannot remember the real estate agents name.  The good news is that there are ways to keep the clients returning back to you.

Why Do Clients And Real Estate Agents Lose Contact

There are many reasons why real estate agents and clients lose contact with each other.  The main reason is that most real estate agents are always on the go.  When you are on the go and constantly doing something they do not have the time to follow up with their clients.  Being able to keep up with following your clients and giving personalized information to them can often be a full time job.  The world of real estate agents need to adapt to the ever changing advertising types that are becoming popular to help keep a positive client relationship.

One of the most popular ways that real estate agents are targeting their clients and having an easier time following up is through mobile technology.  Mobile advertising is the primary reason why Facebook advertising has become a money making machine.  With the turn of technology real estates that want to be successful they need to get serious about working in the mobile market.  What this means is that agents need to move beyond the world of emails and postcards and target a larger audience.

How Exactly Should A Real Estate Keep In Touch With His/Her Client

Many real estate agents out there are not sure how they should keep in contact with their clients so they are not eventually forgotten about.  One of the best ways is to communicate with the client and ask what they want to hear.  As a real estate agent you might not know exactly how to do this.  The good news is that as a real estate agent there are plenty of online survey tools to help keep in contact with your clients and figure out what topics they want to know about.  An example of this is that clients are always asking for a service provider referral.  This can be anything from car repair to lawn maintenance.  Having a referral service can help keep your clients in contact with you but in a different capacity.


The future of real estate marketing lies within analytics.  In turn analytics will actually help you to save money.  Being able to understand how your clients are looking at the information regarding real estate will help you to experience the client and agent relationship.  You will be able to know how your clients are behaving and understand what they are thinking.  This can all translate into information that can help to bring you actions in the future.

iBeacon Technology

A growing trend within the real estate field is that of iBeacon technology.  This will give the ability to target clients through your listings.  If you have never heard of this type of service what it is a device that is Bluetooth activated that will trigger a smart phone notification when you are within a certain distance of the beacon.

If a real estate agent wants to remain in contact with clients they will need to put a little bit of work into it.  In today’s market this will require more than a postcard a few times a year and an email notification that is sent to all clients and not personable to only one client.  As a real estate agent you should take advantage of the newer technology to reach out to your clients more often and on a personal level.

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