The contest known as the room for color contest is held annually and is sponsored by Chip It! By Sherwin- Williams.  This is a contest of rooms that are submitted by the readers in which they are showing off the rooms completed in colorful style.  Read on into this article to learn more about the interesting and fun contest.

How To Enter The Contest

It is easy to enter this interesting and one of a kind color room contest.  What you will need to do is to take and submit five photos of the room that you wish to enter into the contest.  Once that is complete you will need to fill out the entry form that you will find online and submit both the completed form and the photos that you have taken.

What Kind Of Photos Can Be Entered Into The Contest

There are many different styles of rooms being entered into the contest.  These rooms range in size and styles.  Some of the rooms are very small, cozy and minuscule while others are large with a cavernous style and yet some are completed in a classic style.  Once entered all of the pictures of the rooms will compete against each other and will be judged against rooms that have a palette and style similar to their own.  These styles can be from a simple warm design to a cool, light or dark color.  The possibilities of the rooms that are being entered into the contest are never ending.

What Kind Of Rooms Can Be Entered Into The Contest

As with the photos being entered above the types of rooms that can be entered are not tied down to only one type of room.  Many people will think that the best entries will be the comfy bedroom that looks very relaxing while others might think that the best photo being submitted is the large kitchen that is completed in a dark and classic style.  While yet others may think that the best room in their home is the brightly painted and decorated bathroom.  Again it is important that we mention that the possibilities to the entry styles are endless.

How Is A Winner Selected

Once all entries have been submitted and the contest closes there will not be any more entries allowed.  This is when the winner will be chosen.  Not only will there be an expert panel of judges to make this difficult decision but the readers will also get to share the joy of determining which rooms will take home the prizes and the title of the design and colorful glory.

How To Enter The Contest

Entering the Room For Color contest is easy.  You will need to visit the website at and click on the Room For Color tab which is located on the left side.  Once there you will be directed to sign into your account.  If you do not have an account you will need to create one at this time.  After you have you account all set up this is where you will complete the entry form, which is basic information and you will then be instructed to upload your photos.  Once this has all been completed you are then entered into the contest.

This contest is meant to be a fun contest and even if you do not enter your own photos you can browse through the photos that have been submitted to get decorating ideas for the rooms in your own home.  So sit back enjoy the photos and starting decorating.

Image credits to Emerald Beningborough


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