If you are a seasoned real estate agent you will have notice along the line that either a buyer will love the home you are showing to them or they will hate the home.  You never know what is going to make the buyer hate a home and sometimes this can be very frustrating to you as an agent.  You might be trying your best but no matter what you do you might be at a loss because the buyer is just never happy.  This article will give you a few tips as to why a buyer might dislike the home you are showing them.  Read on to learn more regarding these reasons.

 The Neighbors Are Acting Strange

There are many reasons why a homebuyer might be turned off by the neighbors.  It could be because their front lawn looks like a used car parking lot or it could be the kind of dog barking at the fence while they are looking at the house.   It could also be that the neighbor’s house is in disarray and simply falling apart.  This is not something your buyers will want to look at on a daily basis.

 Rumors That Are Floating Around

As a real estate agent you might want to listen to any rumors going around town about any new zoning, building or developments.  These rumors can make a big difference to buyers and might make them run away from the home that you have showed them.  As an agent when you hear these rumors you can put something regarding the truth to these rumors in the description of the home when you are listing it.

Another option of a rumor that could be going around is that the home is haunted or was at one time a crime scene.  It might sound like it is a little bizarre but there are many people out there who are superstitious and do not want to live in a home that has a possibility of ghosts.  One way to get past this is to offer the clients some upgrades or something that will give the home a look of their own.

 Childhood Beliefs

Believe it or not when people set out to purchase a new home the beliefs that were drilled into them during their childhood will rise to the surface.  An example of one of these beliefs is that living on a corner lot will leave you open to accidents involving cars hitting into your home.  Of course no one wants this to happen.  The best way to avoid disappointments like this is to ask if there are any items or issues they might have before showing any house to a prospective buyer.

 Fears Of People Competing Against Them

People will often say they would love to view a certain home but when it comes down to it they know that they will not be able to afford it due to the amount of people they have seen viewing it already.  They are assuming that there will be multiple offers which will drive up the price and take it completely out of their price range.  Of course your answer to them should be that they would never know unless they try.  Therefore go ahead and show them the house.

There are many reasons why a person might not purchase your selling home.  You will not be able to force someone to purchase a house that they do not want but you can use the tips listed above to try and work around the issues that are bothering the potential buyers.


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