There are many reasons why you wish to remove carpeting that is wall to wall.  It could be that you just purchased and moved into a new home and you do not like the carpeting that is currently in the home.  Or another example is that the current home you have had carpeting that is old and worn and simply needs to be replaced.  Whatever the reason is for removing the carpeting you will find that when it is wall to wall carpeting it is not an easy job to accomplish.  If you read below you will find a step-by-step process that will make removing the carpeting as simple as it can be.


Step One Is To Vacuum One Last Time

Even if the carpeting that you are removing as been vacuumed on a regular basis you will find that it still has collected a large amount of dust, dirt and other types of debris.  Therefore when you go to remove it you will need to clean the carpeting one last time.  Once that has been completed you should remove all of the furniture, open the windows to help let the dust out and then put on your dust mask!

 Step Two Is To Remove The Trim Work

When you set out to remove the carpeting you will need to know that usually the carpeting is installed under molding.  This will require that you remove the trim work.  This can be done easily with your putty knife and a pry bar.  Once you have removed the trim you should check it for any damage.  If it was not damaged at all when it was being removed you can set it aside and reuse it.  Once the trim is removed you will probably see some nails sticking out.  Be sure that when you remove the nails be sure to do it carefully to avoid any damage.

Step Three Cut The Carpeting

Once the furnishings and the trim work have been removed you should no longer have anything in your way.  This will be the time that you will need to cut the carpeting.  The cutting can be accomplished by using a utility knife or a paid of tin snips that have been sharpened.  Using these tools you will need to cut the material into three or maybe four-foot wide strips.  When cutting be sure to cut all the way through and into the backing but be sure to stop cutting before you hit the flooring beneath the carpeting.  Once the cutting has been completed you can start pulling the carpeting away from the tack strips along the perimeter of the room.  As you are removing the carpet it is recommended that you roll up the sections and place them into trash bags that are heavy duty.  This will make for easy disposal of the carpeting.

 Step Four Removing The Tack Strips

The tack strips are what are usually used to hold the carpeting to the floor.  Usually these are nailed to the floor and have many rows of tacks that are face up.  These tacks are what grab the carpet to hold it to the floor.  When removing these you need to be very careful, as these tacks are very sharp.  It is recommended that you wear leatherwork glove to keep from getting poked.  To remove you should use the pry bar underneath the tack strip and then use it to lift.  Once removed it should be placed with the carpeting that has been removed so that it can be disposed of properly.

 Step Five Remove The Carpet Padding

Removing the carpet padding might sounds like it is simple.  However if the padding has been installed with a type of adhesive you might find that you will need to scrape and that will require some labor on your end.  However if it was stapled you will find that it will come right up with a nail puller.

Depending on how the carpeting was removed you will find that removing it could be a simple job or a very difficult and time-consuming job.  With the right tools and protection for your hands you can get this chore done in no time and be on the road to having a new type of flooring.

Image Credit: Aussiegall


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