As a real estate agent you will soon learn that you will be both buying and selling real estate properties.  Both will be an important way to earn money and grow your business.  Many real estate agents will obtain a reputation quickly and will earn their clients on both the side of selling and the side of buying.  However, when you are just starting out in the business some of the tricks of the trade will need to be learned.  One of these tricks is how to win the listing of the person who is selling their home.  This article will give you the ten steps on how to win a listing and get known in the world of real estate.

 Answer The Telephone

One of the biggest mistakes that a real estate agent can make is to not answer their telephones.  As a real estate agent you telephone probably rings off the hook both at the office and your personal cell phone.  It is important that you answer as many of these phone calls as you possibly can.  Clients like it when they can speak with you directly and not have to leave several voice mails or messages with a receptionist before they finally get to speak to you.

 Show Your Amount Of Expertise

Not only do the clients like for their real estate agent to be reliable but they also like them to be the expert at what they are doing.  What this means is that when you meet with your client or soon to be client they will like to know that you are on the top of your game and you will have the access and the know how to get their home listed.  You should be able to work all of the computer systems and smartphone apps to get the results they are wanting.

 Price Their House To Sell

All parties involved want to get the most money they can out of the home.  However it is important that you price the house to sell.  As the selling agent you should do the research on the neighborhood and area the home is located in to find the best selling price for the home and then sell it at that price.  Pricing a home too high will leave the home sitting there because buyers can find houses for sale that are less expensive.

 Be On Time

When you have an appointment with a client it is imperative that you be on time if not early.  Clients do not like to be left waiting.  If you are being considered to be the agent to sell their home they will expect you to be on time.  After all if you cannot be on time for their meetings what makes them think that you will be responsible enough to be trusted to sell their home.

 Take Professional Pictures

When you are marketing a home to be sold it is important that the pictures you take of the home are professional.  Often times it is the pictures that bring the buyers in.

The above tips are only a few that are recommended for real estate agents who are trying to win the home listing.  There are many more and often times just common sense.  However if you are new to the real estate field you can research the topics or even ask a seasoned agent for their advice. The only way to win a listing is to be professional and responsible.  Once you have these habits then you should not have a problem getting the listings that you have worked so hard for.


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