When you are looking for a new home to purchase and you are visiting open houses there are many things that you should be sure to ask especially if you are interested in the home.  Homes are expensive so you need to be sure that you have all bases covered before you place an offer on the home of your dreams.  As a prospective buyer when you visit an open house you have the perfect opportunity to speak with the seller’s real estate agent and you should know the perfect questions to ask to take advantage of this meeting.  Here are several questions you should ask.

Are There Any Offers

One of the most asked questions to the seller’s agent is that of whether or not other offers have been made on the house.  You might think that the agent seems very happy or that he or she seems distracted and not really giving you the normal sales pitch.  This is because she could be waiting on an offer to come in any minute.  If the agent does have other offers that news will probably be shared with you quickly in hopes that you will also put in an offer and drive up the price.  This is when the negotiations will start.

Has The Asking Price Fluctuated

Another important question to ask during an open house is whether or not the asking price has fluctuated.  Your agent can find out about the price changed but the seller’s agent can explain why the price has changed.  This will allow for you as a buyer know if the price is flexible and you can use that information to your advantage.

Why Are The Sellers Moving

An important question to be asked at open house is why the sellers are moving.  Is it because the schools are not the greatest or the neighborhood is unsafe?  These questions are very important.  It might just be that they are looking for a larger or a smaller home and there is nothing wrong with the neighborhood.  However you will not know until you ask.  Many agents will not be willing to answer this question directly so you may have to read between the lines.

How Long Has The Home Been On The Market

The length of time the property has been on the market is something you can ask at the open house or you can also find this information out on website such as Trulia.  If you are interested in making an offer on the home this information will help you.

Are There Any Problems With The Home

The seller is required by law to have a written seller’s disclosure that will tell you if there are any known issues with the home.  This will include and structural problems or code violations.  The agent can give you this at open house and if you are lucky he or she will explain these issues to you and possibly give you more information than the disclosure will give to you.

What Is The Cost Of Utilities

Before you make an offer you need to know all of the costs that you are getting into.  This also includes the amount that the utilities will cost you each month.  It is possible that the seller’s agent will have copies of the utility bills for you to review at the open house but you will not know if you do not ask.

When you are in the market for a new home there are many questions that need to be asked.  An open house will provide you the perfect opportunity to ask these questions and any other questions you can think of.

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