Do you want your neighbors peeking at you while you’re enjoying in the swimming pool or just sitting in the garden? Of course not. It’s awkward as well as intervening in your privacy.

So, how can you keep yourself away from neighbors prying eyes? Thankfully, there’re many effective and cheap ways to block neighbors’ view.

You can opt for natural barriers like vines, trees, or shrubs in the backyard. Alternatively, installing a fence and wall are also great options to protect privacy. The best part is they’re all affordable, so you don’t have to invest a fortune in them.

This article has presented different cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view and add privacy to your backyard.

13 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors’ View

Though there’re several privacy solution ideas, some of them can be out of your budget. Aside from that, you’ll also need to think about the city’s building code, neighborhood and other rules about the property.

So considering all these rules and requirements, we’ve listed ten cheap ways that you can afford to block neighbors’ view.

1. Install Fence

One of the best ways is to install a fence to ensure privacy in the garden patio or backyard. You can select from different types of fencing like metal, wooden, chain link, etc., based on your budget.

Corrugated metal is considered to be the cheapest material for fencing. It’s highly durable, sustainable and recyclable. The biggest benefit is corrugated metal fences can act as a noise barrier.

On the other hand, wooden fences are also a good option. They’re easy to install, light weighted and cost-effective. You can build it by yourself using wooden boards and then color them to make the fencing attractive.

Although conventional vertical wooden slat fencing is good, it looks quite bigger. Instead, you can install horizontal wooden slats covered with a lattice. This will give the fencing a nicer and softer appearance. You can also try chain-link fencing. This is also inexpensive and requires low maintenance.

2. Grow Hedges

Hedges are a great boundary plant for your backyard screening. You can plant soft trees or structures to help block the unwanted view. That would be far more pleasant. For example, you can plant Conifer, Golden Leylandii, Italian Cypress, Purple Beech, etc. 

Italian Cypress can grow over 70 feet and they grow fast. They’ll block the lower windows as well as the upper ones in the house, giving you the privacy you want. 

Most importantly, it’s a natural way to block a neighbor’s view. Besides, you can enjoy the greenery and refreshing air around the house. 

Just make sure you choose the right plant according to the weather and water them regularly. They also may need trimming or pruning once or twice a year. Thus, you can apply this idea to set up a privacy screen.

3. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains in the backyard is an inexpensive way to block your neighbors’ view. They’re easy to install and convenient to use.

Even you can select blackout curtains for outdoors. Such curtains will ensure that the neighbors won’t get a chance to spy on your activities.

Before hanging the curtains, ensure that you use a strong metal rod or bar to attach the curtains.

4. Layered Plants

You can plant different types of small trees, shrubs, and perennials to give a naturalistic ambiance. If you plant trees and group them up, then it can provide great privacy to keep you away from prying eyes. 

5. Use Wooden Boards

There are different shapes and sizes of wooden boards are available in the market at a low cost. Louver, vertical board, Staggered wooden board or horizontal wooden fence are a few best options. These boards are budget friendly and offer great privacy as well. 

6. Create a Container Garden

A container garden can be a smart idea to stop neighbors from peeking over. Container gardening allows you to build a special garden with potted plants like a large shrub or clumping bamboo. You can place it in such a way as to make a fence around your garden patio. Containers also change the entire look of the outdoors. Just make sure to use lightweights pots, so you can move them easily anywhere.

7. Overhead Shade

Try this out if you wish to block the neighbors living in a 2-story apartment next to you. Using this kind of shade comes with two major advantages.

Firstly, it prevents others from looking into your backyard or patio. Secondly, it protects you from the heat in summer.

You can install a permanent overhead shade or a temporary one like an oversized movable umbrella.

8. Create Canvas Wall

An extremely cheap way to block views from neighbors is to form a canvas wall. The main difference with an outdoor curtain is the wall is permanent and more structured. If your neighbors live too close, apply this backyard privacy idea to get privacy and relax.

9. Fast Growing Tree Planting

You can plant a single long tree or a few shrubs in the backyard, garden or patio to block neighbors’ view. You can also consider planting a big tree in the garden’s center. When you’re selecting the tree, go for evergreen trees.

After all, you wouldn’t want privacy only in summer and all open in winter. So, it’s better to plant an all-year-round evergreen tree to get greenery and privacy.

Furthermore, if you want a temporary privacy solution, you can place large potted plants in a straight row. Fast-growing trees like Bamboo, Boxwood or Cactus are a great option in this case.

Planting trees and shrubs is actually a more cost-effective idea than installing a fence.

10. Install Outdoor Privacy Screen

When the neighbor is prying on you, it can be an advantageous step. You can install an outdoor privacy screen on the patio while relaxing. This will keep unwanted persons away from intruding on your privacy.

Most parts of the outdoor screens are built using fabric sheets that are secured to the iron panels. The exterior look is extremely lightweight that provides a nice look.

Consequently, it’s easier to move and place them anywhere on the patio or backyard. Additionally, you can fold and store them after using them.

You can pick from multiple types of outdoor screens such as metal, wooden, roll-up shades, etc. They’re affordable and readily available. That’s why it might be your best option if you’re looking for a cheap privacy solution with good quality.

11. Use Trellis

Using a trellis is another low-cost way to add privacy to your patio or deck. Installing a trellis is very easy and not that big compared to a fence.

You can further decorate the trellis with climbing plants and flowers. This can be a center of attraction in your outdoor area.

12. Add Vines

Vines can be an amazing addition to this list to help break the view.

You can simply put some planters with vines under the trellis. Then the vines will climb upon the trellis and create a beautiful look into the garden. Not to mention, it’ll also prevent your nosy neighbors from peeking.

13. Use Lattice Screen

A lattice screen is one of the cheapest alternatives to keep sneaky neighbors away from you.

When creating a lattice screen, natural materials like wood are a good choice. You can also use plastic to form this screen.

But it’s recommended to use wood or other natural material as an eco-friendly option. Moreover, they’re available in various sizes, shapes and colors. You can also customize them as per your choice.


These are some affordable and easy-to-install ways to block a neighbor’s view. Hopefully, after trying out the ideas, you can enjoy your privacy on the front porch, swimming pool or garden in the backyard. So, you don’t have to be worried about being watched by anybody. Also, if you’re looking for small deck ideas on a budget, check our guide on stunning small deck ideas for your backyard.


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