If you’re looking for ideas to cover a door opening, you’re at the right place. There’re many creative yet simple ways that you can try without an expert’s help.

You may have a doorway without a door, an unused entrance or lost a door. So, hiding or covering it can be the best option. Covering that doorway has several advantages. Like you can control the room temperature, decorate your home, increase privacy and so on.

Different types of materials and alternatives are there to do the job. You can choose from common things like curtains or beaded strings to unusual decorative items like wallpapers or folding screens. If you get confused, here we’ve provided easy ideas to cover the door opening.

How Do You Cover a Doorway Without Door

1. Doorway Curtains

When you want to hide or cover the door, curtains are the easiest and cheapest option. They are very easy to install and you can change them at any time. 

Having a curtain on the front door comes with many benefits. It gives a stunning look to the door as well as a great way for heat loss in the room. 

Not to mention, curtains on the door opening ensure privacy. This idea is also extremely useful for parents as they can hear the baby crying across the curtained doorway.

2. Bookcase

In case you don’t want to install a door between your living and dining room, you can choose a stylish bookcase to separate them. Thus you can easily transform your doorway into an important place.

3. Roman Shades

Many people use Roman shades to cover their windows. But you can use roman shades for your doorways as well. These shades are generally made of bamboo or different types of fabrics.

This is a great solution as you can slide it up whenever needed and down when you need privacy. You can even hang this shade over a transparent glass door to get more privacy. 

The best part is you’ll find a variety of models and sizes of these shades in the market. Also, they are very easy to clean and most of them are machine washable.

4. Barn Doors

The idea of having a barn door is an exceptional alternative for those who don’t prefer a conventional hinged door. Such doors are like sliding doors that can free up your space.

To get a clean look, you can install the barn door the same as your wall’s color. There’re mainly three popular barn door types, glass, paneled and flush. You can select according to your preference and room design.

5. Shoji Doors

If you’re fond of the Japanese lifestyle, you can install shoji sliding doors like them. They are great looking, simple, and elegant. These doors will provide proper privacy and let some light come inside.

These doors are usually made of hard fiber rice paper which makes them lightweight. You can easily slide them in and out whenever needed. 

6. Folding Screen

An ideal way to cover your door opening is to place a folding screen in front of the doors. It not only adds extra privacy but also gives you flexibility because you don’t have to open the entire door always.

The best thing about having a folding screen is that it’s easy to fold the filters whenever you require to use the door. Additionally, the screen adds an extra layer of visual appearance to the room by doubling as mirrors or photo frames.

7. Beaded Curtains

When you’re searching for a way to cover the storage, brighten up any space or have some privacy, beaded curtains can be your pick. You can also choose it as a fun party theme or hang it in the kids’ room. It’s a beautiful decorative item that can transform your interior.

Though bead curtains have some drawbacks. Kids and pets might often play with it and get choked.

8. White Wallpaper

Wallpaper may sound unusual, but you can install wallpaper on most interior doors. It’s a very easy and quick way to decorate any bland door and give a distinctive look to the room.

9. Curtains for Closet Doors

Many people use curtains as a replacement for closet doors. This has many benefits like adding colors to the room, maximizing the space and also covering the closer door opening. You can also pick a color matching the window curtains.

10. Indoor Privacy Screens

Indoor screens are for increasing privacy and space as well as hiding your door. You can place it anywhere in the house. Whether it’s the dining or living room, indoor screens blend well with any interior decor.

Further, they’re very helpful for blocking the sun if you want to. You can get such screens for a very low price or make them by yourself.

11. Attic Access Door

Although it might sound quite unfamiliar, an attic access door is something that you can push up to enter the attic. The most common types of attic doors are made of a drywall remnant or a thin sheet of plywood. 

These are usually spring loaded so when you push up the door and pull a nearby cord, the stairs will come out easily. Generally, metal or wood is used to make the stairs and you can easily fold up them.

12. Rugs

If you want to give your doorway a unique and colorful texture without using curtains, you can use rugs to cover your doorway. This is indeed a unique way that will make a new striking statement for home decor. 

They will low down the sounds coming from outside and offer both quality and elegance to your home design. 

So, these are some cool ideas for you to cover door openings. They’re quite easy and affordable for hiding the doors. Try them out and tell us which one you like the most. If you know any more ways, please share them with us in the comment section.


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