Decorating a room may seem to be challenging, especially when it’s a teen room. There’re plenty of ideas from wall colors to artwork to give the rooms a make-over. So, here are the creative yet cute room decor ideas to try out for giving your room a new look.

1. Starry String Light

It can be the ideal bedroom decor that can make any teenage girl feel like a princess. You can easily implement it by yourself. Just take two dowel rings, some hooks, hang transparent fabric on the two sides of your bed and hang the LED string lights.

2. Pom Pom Rug

If you have leftover pom pom, use them to make a beautiful rug to place on the floor. You can also make it on your own by customizing its color and shape.

3. Pom Pom Chair

You may want to give your study chair a colorful look with pom pom.

4. Customize Stickers

Decorating the room with some beautiful and cute wall stickers is a great idea. You can customize the design, pattern and size of the stickers. 

5. Cardboard Sequin or Glitter Letter Sayings

Cardboard sequin monogram letters or glitter letters are a fun decor idea that can sparkle the room. You can customize the quotes, colors, fonts and sequins of your choice.

6. DIY Yarn Chandelier

To make a super creative DIY yarn chandelier, all you need are some balloons and yarn or thick crochet string of your favorite colors.

7. DIY Photo Frame

Photo frames are a great way to enhance your room as well as to show off the memories. You can use plain strings or LED light strings to make a DIY photo frame for polaroids. Or, make a frame with cardboard, and some coloring paper and decorate it with your creative ideas.

8. DIY Hammock Chair

The hammock chair is very easy to build. A DIY cute hammock chair in the bedroom or side balcony can give your room a new look, especially if you want a place just for hanging.

9. Handmade Doily Lamp

It’s time to highlight the room with some doily lamps. You need big balloons, some lace or lace tablecloths, glue and lamps to start making it.

10. Jar of Dreams

Do you wish to write down your dreams? Then you can put a small jar of dreams in the bedroom, where you write about the dreams or wishes on paper and place them in the jar. It gives you the inspiration to fulfill your wishes.

11. Custom Wallpaper

You can create the look and atmosphere you’ve desired by installing wallpapers on the walls. Choose the colors, patterns and designs for the wallpapers and make the room appears to be traditional, modern or funny.

12. Coloring Hangers

Simply spray paint or wrap with coloring wools on the plain wooden hangers. It makes a nice customize closet.

13. Colorful Ceiling Fan

You can use colorful tapes or washi tape on the ceiling fan.

14. Vibrant Bedsheet

Put a vibrant-colored bedsheet on the bed. Also, try to hang a colorful frame on the back wall or a crafty pom pom garland and place piles of pillows.

15. Bejeweled Photo Collage Letters

Almost everyone especially teen girl loves photographs. So, it would be a great idea to show off their favorite pictures on a wooden letter.

16. DIY Marquee Letter

Just grab cardboard and create a marquee light letter. You can also create your entire name with this process.

17. Pom Pom Lampshade

If there’s an old or lampshade in the house, add some pom pom on it and place it in the corner.

18. DIY Plastic Spoon Mirror

Do you want a creative mirror design? Get some plastic spoons and decorate a plain mirror with them.

19. Hanging Flowers Vase

A floral painting or a hanging vase with some nice flowers can instantly freshen up the room and make it look beautiful. You can hang favorite flowers besides the window and watch them to grow.

20. DIY Door Decorations

Decorating the doors with cute stickers, a flower basket, a wall hanging made with lace or a large wreath is a brilliant idea and an easy project you can do at home.


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